BEST'S REVIEW Número 10 104 2004
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Número 10 104 2004



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The right stuff : insurance chief executives need energy, financial knowledge and devotion to details, but not necessarily an insurance background
Leaders of the leaders
A fresh perspective
Abandoning ship
Governing principals : corporate scandals and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act are causing insurers to pay attention to the objectivity and transparency of their boards
On their own : risk retention groups provide coverage and stable costs for physicians and hospitals facing higher insurance premiums
Building liability products
Rare coverage : options for mad cow policies are limited for cattle growers
Under construction : Bahrain is seeking a bigger role in the Middle East as an emerging insurance market
Turn of the cycle : evidence suggests property/casualty's hard market is ending, but changes in the way the industry writes business may be of more lasting significance
Clean-Up operation : state guaranty funds are handling the messy details from a rash of insolvent property/casualty companies, but so far the funds are rising to yhe challenge and protecting policyholders
The death of life companies
No sure thing : once tranquil, the surety business has been rattled by a series of storms in recent years that left insurers searching for the way back to profitability
A history of consolidation
Knowing your customer : insight : using a complete file on each customer, carriers can systematically evaluate and score new business and re-evaluate existing policies
Property/Casualty loss/risk management notes
Keeping dry : insight : a mold claim leads the Ninth Circuit to examine the causation and loss-in-progress rule
Property/Casualty marketplace
Making a match : insurers and consumers need consistent market-conduct standards among all 50 states
Reassessing underwriting strategies : insight : protective-value studies can help assess mortality risks as well as value the possible cost of losing good business
Let the seller beware : insight : in the wake of mutual fund scandals, life insurers and agents need to be prepared for regulators and investigators knocking at their doors
Life/Health marketplace
Ramping up for real time : roundtable : carriers and independent agents are challenged to handle electronic transactions as they occur
Modeling the future : insight : consumer-driven health care will require the public to be educated in understanding the programs so economically rational decisions can be made
Size does matter : in the variable annuity market, economic forces are making it harder for midsized and smaller players to compete with topranked companies
The personal touch : insurers are tapping into on-demand printing technology as a flexible and cost effective marketing tool to target customers