Year 2001
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Publicacion: Geneva papers on risk and insurance : issues and practice

Tomo 26 Número 3 2001



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Integrated financial services : a framework for success : synergies in insurance, banking, and asset management Kist, Ewald
The Organization of insurance companies : points for discussion on mutuals, demutualization and beyond Hennequin, Antoine
Comments to "the organization of insurance companies : mutuals, demutualization and beyond" Martínez Martínez, Miguel Angel
The European Commission's action plan for financial services Pearson, Patrick
What is the economic meaning of the precautionary principle? Treich, Nicolas
The Role of insurance in ensuring financial market liquidity Trainar, Philippe
Enterprise risk management : its origins and conceptual foundation Dickinson, Gerry
Ethical behavior, corporate culture and financial services Baglini, Norman A.
Hedging natural catastrophe risk in developing countries Freeman, Paul K.
Hedging natural catastrophe risk in developing countries : comment Durbin, David L.
The Future of active global ageing : challenges and responses Liedtke, Patrick M.
The Controversy of funding versus Pay-As-You-Go : what remains of the eebate? Kuné, Jan B.
Longevity : causes, consequences and a new reliable calculation method Heilmann, Wolf-Rüdiger
A Note on private vs. public health insurance schemes for the elderly : partial vs. general equilibrium effects Johansson, Per-Olov
An Economist's view on risk perceptions for severe accidents Loubergé, Henri
The Economics of innovation in health and insurance markets Outreville, J-François
Insurance and transition economics : the insurance market in Russia Albouy, François-Xavier
Korean experiences in life insurance sector reforms after the financial crisis Lee, Wondon
Reinsurance in Nigeria : the issue of compulsory legal cession Uche, Chibuike U.
A New approach to insurance in rural Africa Hoogeveen, Hans