BEST'S REVIEW Tomo 111 Número 12 - 2011
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Tomo 111 Número 12 - 2011



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Who's behind the wheel? : a regulatory shift will give underwriters a new perspective on commercial hauling Slavin, Al
Main menu : the food safety modernization act adds recall responsabilities to food companies, providing new opportunities for insurers Panko, Ron
Better ways : new regulations and market-changing events are driving carriers to risk-management technology solutions Chordas, Lori
The Perfect 20 Donahue, Julie M.
Is flat the new normal? : producers tell Best's Review that it's more difficult to meet carrier commitment levels Slavin, Al
Cost cutters : as employer-prvided health insurance costs keep increasing, companies and carriers find innovative ways to halt the upward trend Chordas, Lori
Special interest : New York's high court clarifies the ground rules for stranger-owned life insurance transactions in the Empire State Henderson, Donald B.
Now arriving... : insurers are up to their knees in federal regulation, even without an optional charter Mills, Howard
Facing the challenge : the soft market, pending regulatory changes and fallout from the financial crisis combine to make life difficult for reinsurers Panko, Ron
Storm clouds lift : with signs of recovery growing stronger, the insurance industry needs to set strategic priorities Stein, Robert
Gaining favor : interest in single-premium immediate annuities is emerging among insurers, financial advisers and clients Panko, Ron
Building a model life sales force : starting out with little or no serious training doesn't seem to be a good way to nurture success Verzone, Ronald D.
Crack shot : Joseph Chiarello & Co. has carved out a niche in the firearms business Slavin, Al
Recovery-ready in workers' comp : clients that are still in recession mode are so 2008 Malugen, William
High pressure : managing general underwriters must find ways to recapture market share in employer stop-loss programs Kaufman, Miriam
Learning from the last one : what lessons from ALM can we use today? Panning, William H.
What's in a name? : unitrin weighs broader use of the Kemper brand Rosenberg, Diana
Community asset : when catastrophe strikes, a business with sound risk management practices can help propel recovery Coyne, Frank J.
Growth spurt : Utah and Delaware show an increase in captives in 2010 Green, Meg
A World of change : new insurance accounting rules from Europe will affect U.S. reinsurers Kostelni, Hugo