BEST'S REVIEW Tomo 112 Número 12 - 2012
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Tomo 112 Número 12 - 2012



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Risk management for risk managers Chordas, Lori
In the cross hairs : risk managers face a growing number of potential pitfalls in workplace liability Padalino, Catherine
Model behavior : insurers are turning to model risk management to avoid problems in the current post-crisis, highly regulated environment p. 26-29
Costly advice : California's new employement law could extend liability for worker misclassification to insurance agents and brokers Skeen, Spencer C.
What's your agency worth? Panko, Ron
Cruising along : years after reforms, Massachusetts and New Jersey steer toward market stability Cornejo, Rick
Pay as you go Chordas, Lori
Repositioning retirement assets Panko, Ron
Viable options Perlin, Jill
A Fast start : catastrophe bond issuance may have a big year in 2012 despite the many catastrophes last year Panko, Ron
Cyber house rules Petersmark, Frank
Cyber house rules : five tips for CIOs to help tech transformation projects succeed Petersmark, Frank
Moments of truth : carriers focus on quality customer interactions to return to growth Armstrong, John
The Future is now : anticipation of health care reform's impact in two years generates trends in the employer stop-loss market Lancellotti, Mark
Increasing clouds : helping clients manage cloud computing risks is a down-to-earth necessity Simonson, Kirstin
Insuring well-being : a specialty division of Philadelphia Insurance Cos. covers yoga studios and instructors Gorski, Dennis
Never-ending reinvention : the oncoming explosion in data and analytics promises to revolutioniza the insurance business Coyne, Frank J.
Wealth of opportunity : high net worth clientele are underserved, but tapping into their potential business requires a deft touch Costonis, Michael
Closing the gaps Panning, William H.
Follow the rules Dembeck, John
How it will be Mills, Howard
Saudi Arabia's insurance market adapts to dramatic change
The Potential of microinsurance