BEST'S REVIEW Volumen 117 Número 13 - mayo 2017
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Volumen 117 Número 13 - mayo 2017


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Title Author Pages
Barbarians at the gate Hartwig, Robert P. p. 15
Embracing digital transformation Waghray, Ajay p. 16
New level for cyber rules Augustinos, Theodore P. p. 17
Assignment of benefits bill passed by Florida Senate panel Harman, Thomas p. 18
Willis Exec : captives becoming tool to protect pension risk Green, Meg p. 19
Report: Texas workers' comp model better than mandatory systems Harman, Thomas p. 20
NAPSLO offers innovative solutions : [interview to] Dave Leonard p. 23
Target your program [interview to] Tony Campisi, John Willemsen p. 25
Small niches, big risks Roberts, Jeff p. 26-33
Regaining optimism Roberts, Jeff p. 34-35
It's time for and update Pusey, Leigh Ann p. 36
A Missed opportunity Detlefsen, Robert p. 37
Driven to a dilemma Sarich, John p. 40-42
Directing the digital journey Smith, Kate p. 44-49
A Needle in the haystack Chordas, Lori p. 50-54
Outside the box Roberts, Jeff p. 56-61
Shifting mindset Smith, Kate p. 62-64
Delivering on digital Chordas, Lori p. 66-68
The Other side of the coin Gauba, Vaishali p. 69-71
Claiming a new outcome Reifel, Joe p. 72-74
Sobering news O'Connor, Robert p. 88