RISK MANAGEMENT MAGAZINE Volumen 64 Número 10 - noviembre 2017
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Publicacion: Risk Management Magazine

Volumen 64 Número 10 - noviembre 2017



Title Author Pages
Will your Crime Insurance cover cyber? Levine, Michael p. 4-7
Construction industry addresses risks Bustamante, Raymond F.H. p. 8-9
How risk management can enable growth Shinkman, Matt p. 10-11
Developing a data backup strategy Langer, Marc p. 12-13
Managing pain in the workforce Lombardo, Kevin p. 14-16
The ERM imperative : how enterprise risk management can prevent coporate scandals Minsky, Steven p. 20-24
Cyber scorekeepers Banham, Russ p. 26-29
Downstream disaster Hodge, Neil p. 30-34