Subject matter for Social Innovation Awards

These are the areas covered by the competition

Topics Topics

Health Improvement and digital technology (e-Health)

It has been shown that a healthy lifestyle is one of the main factors in increasing the number of years that can be enjoyed with quality of life. We know that 75% of deaths worldwide are caused by non-communicable diseases whose prevalence, to a greater or lesser degree, is influenced by our lifestyle habits. Technology provides us with hitherto unknown opportunities to enjoy a healthier life. We hope to promote, for example:

  • Initiatives and projects that help to contribute to improving our culture of health, providing an incentive for healthy behaviors and helping to change those which are not.
  • Innovation in the stages of research, prevention, treatment or caregiving for health problems.
  • Initiatives that are particularly aimed at improving the health and quality of life of a specific group.

Innovation in insurance

We at Fundación MAPFRE firmly believe that insurance provides society with protection and tranquility, and is a priority in the current social structure in terms of pensions. Hence the importance of spreading the word about its importance and getting across its social function as well as the important role it plays in the economy. There still remains a great deal to be done in generating a culture of insurance. We are looking to support, for example:

  • Initiatives with a desire to make insurance more accessible and transparent for its clients.
  • Projects which provide innovative solutions to problems such as having a good retirement when the time comes.
  • Innovations which promote the culture of saving and/or social protection.
  • Initiatives which support the acquisition of skills in order to plan and manage the risks that surface on a daily basis.
  • Projects which reduce the insurance gap, making insurance more accessible to groups of people who have not had insurance available to them up until now.

Sustainable mobility and road safety

The interaction and interconnectivity of the world we live in today is greater than ever before. Therefore opportunities are opening up in improving sustainable mobility through current means of transport and locomotion and their impact on road safety. This could have a social impact in terms of environmental sustainability, risk reduction when traveling in terms of safety and, in general, improving well-being, particularly in urban settings. We hope to boost projects that focus on important challenges in this area, such as for example:

  • Technology applied to improving the transport safety of the most vulnerable groups in society: children, people with functional diversity, cyclists, elderly drivers and personal or urban mobility vehicles, motorcyclists, etc.
  • Disruptive initiatives in terms of environmental sustainability linked to cities (smartcity) through mobility.
  • Projects that connect the vehicle to road safety in an innovative fashion (V2X).
  • Initiatives that help to streamline traffic or reduce its carbon footprint.
  • Innovations that makes good use of already existing platforms to design more sustainable urban settings both in terms of their social and environmental impact, and always from a safe and sustainable mobility perspective.