Who we are?

Since 1975 we have been committed to people’s well-being

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With nearly fifty years of experience, we are recognized as a leading global foundation for our commitment to people’s well-being and social progress. Our mission, as a non-profit institution created by MAPFRE, is to contribute to improving people’s quality of life and the progress of society through multinational programs and activities.

Fundación MAPFRE is fully aware of the fact that only by understanding the new realities of this changing world will we be able to move forward with this global project which is structured around different areas of action. To achieve our goals, we organize a wide range of activities worldwide in five key areas that all share a common objective: our ethical commitment to society. 

The five areas in which our activities are based are: Social Action, Culture, Health Promotion, Prevention and Road Safety and Insurance and Social Protection.

Everyone who makes up the Fundación MAPFRE share the vision of the SDGs and are deeply involved in achieving them through the various initiatives we run. Our activities impact on 11 SDGs (PDF 163 KB) and are our contribution to making the world a better place by 2030.

We also have a Documentation Center that offers a free information service for the general public on Insurance, Risk Management and Social Security, as well as related subjects such as Economics and Law; and the Ageingnomics Research Center that aims to promote a positive view of demographic change based on the economic and social opportunities that come with an ageing population.

International Presence Fundación MAPFRE
We have an international calling and for this reason our programs and activities take place in 30 countries.
We recognize the individuals and institutions that work for the good of society

Fundación MAPFRE’s Social Outreach Awards and Social Innovation Awards recognize initiatives, talent and commitment to a better world.

Quality certifications
Our procedures and our commitment to society are endorsed by various quality certificates.
Recognition for our efforts
The awards given to our initiatives encourage us to continue trying to improve the world in which we live.
To achieve our objectives, we collaborate both nationally and internationally with a large number of public and private institutions, NGOs, museums, foundations and other associations with similar aims.

Our model of governance is enshrined in our institutional, foundational and organizational principles, as well as in the Statutes and Regulations of the Board of Trustees and their delegated bodies, with these same governing bodies of Fundación MAPFRE being responsible for their compliance.

Fundación MAPFRE pertenece a la Asociación Española de Fundaciones