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The Ignacio Larramendi Foundation was founded in 1986 to develop historical projects related to thinking, science and culture in Spain, Latin America, Portugal and Brazil. In line with our commitment to disseminating knowledge, Fundación MAPFRE is joining this project to help ensure that both the general public and a more specialized audience have access to this information.

Some of the Foundation’s main projects include the FHL Virtual Libraries, an initiative to digitize historical documents and create virtual libraries where, for example in the case of the Polymath Virtual Library, you can access the works and biographies of Spanish, Latin American, Portuguese and Brazilian thinkers, scientists and authors from every era.

Ignacio Larramendi Foundation

For many years we have been collaborating with the Ignacio Larramendi Foundation to make historical projects related to thinking, science and culture in Spain, Portugal and South America available to the general public and a more specialized audience.

We invite you to take part in celebrating the centenary of Ignacio de Larramendi

This year we are celebrating the centenary of the birth of Ignacio Hernando de Larramendi in order to highlight his initiatives and the pioneering spirit that drove him to implement them.