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A shared space

Cities are adopting new mobility formulas to allow all users to use public roads in an integrated manner. No matter how you get around, whether you are a pedestrian or a driver, whether you use your own vehicle or public transport, the city is a space in which we must all coexist and circulate safely.

Paint Jawlensky

Jawlensky’s paintings also fascinate children. His vivid colors attract children’s eyes and the characters that inhabit his paintings provoke their curiosity. Encourage your kids and participate together in the Instagram contest #PintaJawlensky by interpreting and recreating the works of the Russian painter!

Fundación MAPFRE’s red and white in Nicaragua

In these times of pandemic it is not easy to gather more than 300 people to celebrate solidarity and commitment. While following all anti-covid protocols, the Fundación Civil Hogar Luceros del Amanecer organized a leisure event in recognition of the work we do in the city of Camoapa.

Venancio Blanco’s “charra” soul

The exhibition Alma Charra, which has been inaugurated in Santo Domingo de la Cruz, Salamanca and can be visited until November 2021, brings us closer to the creative universe of the artist from Salamanca, Venancio Blanco.

Semillas: Seeds for family-based learning

The year 2020 was a very challenging one for families. The usual difficulties were even further exacerbated by lockdown situations, children having to study at home, the need to maintain social distancing, and economic problems. The Semillas, aprendiendo en familia (Seeds for Family-Based Learning) project offers support to parents to help raise their children at this difficult time.

Health at the Live Gamers Show

Videogame players are in luck. Next April, the Live Gamers Show, the biggest Spanish-speaking online event in the videogame world, is taking place and we’ll be there to talk about gamers’ health.

A digital space where we can meet up again

Some of the activities that have been most badly affected by the pandemic are those associated with our exhibitions. To continue transmitting the value of art and culture, we have set up AproximArte, our new digital project of educational content.

Empowered and digital women

We participate in Digitalizadas to support women who are struggling to get ahead, to improve, to achieve and, thanks to the training work carried out by our volunteers, to break down technological and gender barriers.

A better Internet starts with you

Every year, on the second Tuesday in February, this event is held to promote safe and positive use of the Internet, especially among children and young people. We join this celebration with initiatives that can help to guarantee the safety of network users.

It all begins in childhood

Child poverty is a tragedy. It cripples children’s dreams and robs society of their potential talent. The Alianza País Pobreza Infantil Cero (Country Partnership for Zero Child Poverty) was created to ensure that the 27.4% of children living at risk of poverty in Spain can have access to a better future. Fundación MAPFRE joins this initiative with the certainty that together we can offer our children equal development opportunities.

Always at your side

We are currently experiencing some very difficult times that are putting us to the test and demand all our strength to get through them. Fundación MAPFRE is there to support you, always at your side. Together we are stronger.

Scholarships for the common good

Once again this year, the 2030 Agenda is the horizon for the 2021-2022 scholarships of Fundación Carolina, which offer a range of educational opportunities in the spirit of international cooperation that characterizes Spanish foreign action.

30,000 Christmas lunches for vulnerable families

Cooking 30,000 dinners in three days and handing them out in one morning. This is the challenge facing our volunteers and the World Central Kitchen team members. The objective is to hand out a special, hot meal to many vulnerable families on December 24th: Christmas Eve dinner.

This Christmas, closer than ever

On this very special Christmas due to the corona virus crisis, from Fundación MAPFRE we want to send you a message of hope and despite the distance, we hope you will feel us by your side.