Call for +Rural Grants

An opportunity to revitalize the rural environment

An opportunity to revitalize the rural environment

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Within the Social Inclusion, Child Guarantee and Fight against Poverty Program, Fundación MAPFRE will manage 30 million euros (20 million from the ESF+ and an additional 10 million from its own resources) in grants awarded through free competition calls aimed at revitalizing rural areas and so-called “empty Spain”, environments that account for almost 8 million people and 85% of Spain’s territory.

The actions to be carried out must contribute to:

  • Promoting social and labor inclusion.
  • Improving equality and opportunities for access to quality, sustainable and affordable services.
  • Promoting people-centered care and boosting social protection, with special emphasis on disadvantaged groups.
  • Improving accessibility for people with disabilities, as well as the effectiveness and resilience of healthcare systems and long-term care services.

All this while ensuring equality, non-discrimination and sustainability.

The beginning of change

Through this call we aim to improve people’s lives, promoting the revitalization of both rural areas and empty Spain.

The application period has ended
Projects that have been selected in the 1st + Rural Call

Find out about the six projects that have been selected in the 1st + Rural Call for Proposals.

Mainly third sector and Social Economy entities

The grants are aimed at third sector entities, other Social Economy organizations and companies, as well as alliances, federations and unions.

Prepare it in time

There is a series of key requirements that must be met in order to access these grants. Find them here!

Requirements for applying for +Rural funding

Find out all the details of Fundación MAPFRE’s 1st Call for + Rural Grants in the framework of the ESF+, a way to invest in people, promote job placement and long-term care in rural areas. The call was open from June 23 to August 18.

Your organization will appreciate it

We want you to have easy access to all the information about the 1st Call for Fundación MAPFRE + Rural grants in the framework of the ESF+. This will allow you to make informed decisions, free from doubts. Click here for access to a large number of relevant documents.

Application process

The application period began on June 23, 2023 at 9 am (Spanish mainland time) and ended on August 18, 2023, at 2 pm (Spanish mainland time). The provisional list of beneficiary entities will be published in October, followed by the definitive list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We want to help you understand the main keys to this grant call so that the process is as simple as possible for you.

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