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For anyone who is interested in solidarity

For anyone who is interested in solidarity

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We wanted to dedicate a space to the social projects in which we collaborate, and to share our emotions and feelings with you. We need to spark reactions and prick consciences to give you the chance to take part in building a better world. Because we all need a better world, don’t we? That is our goal. That’s why we’re opening an exhibition space to share the social projects in which we collaborate with you. To reach you in another way, so they can become part of your world too.

To get you involved and give the solidarity movement a boost, we’ve created an exhibition space in which to showcase our social activities and those of the organizations with which we collaborate in all the countries where we operate.

This new line of social exhibitions, located in our main headquarters in the lobby of the MAPFRE tower in Barcelona, is just the start; a first step. Our objective is for them to serve as a meeting point for anyone who is interested in social action and solidarity.

Come and visit our social exhibitions. We invite you to feel, to share experiences, to raise your awareness as both an individual and a group, to become part of an unstoppable movement to make the world a better place for us all.

Exposición sobre salud mental

In this exhibition we raise the profile of mental health and show how important access to the world of work is for people with mental health problems, as well as for those with intellectual disabilities. We introduce you to some of the associations and organizations that dedicate their efforts to achieving the complete integration of these groups.

Conoce la labor de las asociaciones que hacen que los afectados por enfermedades raras vivan mejor

More than 300 million people in the world are affected by so-called rare diseases, which are those that affect fewer than 5 out of every 10,000 people. In this exhibition we introduce you to some of the associations that make life easier for sufferers.

Descubre cómo el deporte es una potente herramienta de cambio

We want to introduce you to the reality of thousands of children in Brazil who have been given values education through sport and hence managed to escape the world of crime and drugs. The exhibition “Building Dreams” is on show at the MAPFRE Tower in Barcelona between November 10 and January 20.

TwoFaces, a view from the inside out of Acquired Brain Injury

Through twenty stories of fighting and overcoming obstacles, this exhibition, held between May 28 and September 17 at the MAPFRE Tower in Barcelona, gives an insight into the reality experienced by people suffering from Acquired Brain Injury.

We invite you to take journey with heroes of these 15 stories of self-improvement and integration in their daily lives

We invite you to take journey with heroes of these 15 stories of self-improvement and integration in their daily lives. The exhibition can be visited from February 22nd until May 21st at the Torre MAPFRE in Barcelona.

Learn about the real-life situations of many Philippine children
This socially-oriented exhibition aims to give a voice to the children who live at the Kalipay Foundation in the Philippines, a refuge that helps to heal the wounds of mistreatment, abuse and sexual violence. Hear their stories and get an insight into their lives. Welcome to Kalipay.