Building Dreams

Sport as an engine of social change


NOV.10.2021           JAN.20.2022

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NOV.10.2021         JAN.20.2022


Hall 2 de Torre MAPFRE, 08005, Barcelona

Monday to Sunday from 11:00 am. to 7:00 pm.

*To visit the exhibition, you need to book in advance at the concierge desk in the MAPFRE Tower. Your accreditation card also gives you access to the cafeteria.

For ten years we have been collaborating with Fundación Barça in its Violence Prevention program in Brazil, which was created to promote peaceful conflict resolution in environments where insecurity and poverty prevail, in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. This includes the Villa de la Maré favela in Rio de Janeiro, a community in which young people, boys and girls live in a state of vulnerability. The main objective of the program is to assist these minors by providing spaces and activities that use sports as a tool to teach values, promote inclusion and social cohesion, and encourage female empowerment and dialogue for peaceful conflict resolution.

And how does it achieve this goal? Through soccer, an activity that may sometimes seem like a simple game, but which allows us to promote values such as effort and teamwork, respect for opponents and the acceptance of rules.

The basis of the project is the Futbolnet method, which uses sports, games and physical activity as social integration tools to improve the lives of children and young people in vulnerable situations.

Behind sport there is so much more. Come and find out at the social exhibition Building dreams. Sport as a driver of change.

Building dreams. Sport as a driver of change, comprising nearly 40 photographs, 13 information panels and a video, is set in a sporting and educational environment, in the Olympic Village of La Maré, and introduces us to its real stars, the young people, boys and girls who benefit from this project. Several panels show us their stories of self-improvement.

The tour of the exhibition will introduce you to the Futbolnet method, which today is applied in Brazil by more than 500 local educators, and the values that we instill through this approach.

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