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Goal Zero, for safe mobility

Goal Zero, for safe mobilityl

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We live in an advanced society, we have prodigious technological tools to improve the quality of our lives and we are increasingly respectful of the environment. Concepts such as sustainable mobility, the collaborative economy and social technology are here to stay, but where does that leave safety?

Fundación MAPFRE is constantly working towards safe, healthy and sustainable mobility. We want to help raise public awareness about the need to prevent all road-related deaths and to involve every social agent. We are working to save lives.

Our main areas of activity are training, education and research. And our main ally in all this is you.

Help us to achieve Goal Zero.

Safety Quest Fundación MAPFRE

A fun and immersive learning experience to schools and community events that uses interactive media to teach middle schoolers how to be safe from unintended injury.

he aim of the campaign is to engage people in changing their behavior on the roads.

An opportunity for students from one Massachusetts high school to produce a public service announcement(PSA), promote road safety and win a prize! Your voice can help to save lives.

We want our children to travel safely
The safety of your children in cars is down to you. We can help you to choose the most appropriate restraint system for them and to install it correctly.
Traffic accidents on work routes
Companies are responsible for workers’ welfare and should promote safe driving between the workplace and home. And even more so when mobility forms part of the working day.
Towards a future of safe mobility
Advanced safety systems can avoid traffic accident victims in many cases. What is your vehicle equipped with?
Avoid traffic accidents through good health
Staying healthy is vital when it comes to taking to the road. It doesn’t matter if you are pedestrian or a driver, don’t let your physical condition influence your safety. Here are some safe mobility health tips supervised by medical professionals.
For a new awareness of safe mobility
Children, young people, the elderly, two-wheeled vehicles, pedestrians, cars; each category has different needs in their use of the public highway, but they all have something in common: they are all vulnerable.
What do we mean when we talk about mobility?
Here we present some of the topical issues that deal with achieving safe mobility. These are key issues for you to be able to travel more safely, without overlooking the technology that can contribute towards saving lives.
What do we mean when we talk about mobility?

With the goal of promoting improvements in road safety, we are members of the European Road Safety Charter, a community comprising public and private organizations that work to raise society’s awareness of how important road safety is to saving lives.