Vulnerable groups

For a new awareness of safe mobility

For a new awareness of safe mobility
Each of the groups that are particularly vulnerable with regard to traffic and road safety have a peculiarity, a specific need. While the main thrust of our message remains the same when it comes to communicating with the general public, we want to adapt our proposals (training, communication and innovation to increase awareness and prevention) to each and every one of those groups:
It is our conduct that teaches them to become responsible adults
A society that looks after its children is a society with a future. By teaching them safe behavior we will make them more responsible adults.
Learn to say “no” to reduce accidents
If you want to join the 88% of young people who opt for responsible driving, then this is the section for you.
Being aware of age can help us to travel more safely
The over-65s need to assimilate new mobility habits. Our objective is to provide them with useful tools and make them aware of the risks involved in being a pedestrian, riding a bike or driving.
Pay attention, avoid running unnecessary risks
Being a pedestrian also carries its own responsibility. Crossing in appropriate places and adhering to signals are vital to your safety. Don’t forget it.
Ride responsibly and also safely
Bicycles have come into our lives to stay! That fills us with enthusiasm but also it implies having to know what the rules of the road are.
Never drop your guard
When it comes to motorcycles the most important person is you. Looking after yourself means taking note of road signs and not exceeding the speed limit. Stop and ask yourself this question. Am I being careful?