We help to improve the living conditions of people in the most disadvantaged social groups

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People who dedicate their time and effort to volunteering have a strong calling to help others. At Fundación MAPFRE we want to channel this spirit of solidarity by making their talents available to those most in need and we have therefore developed the VOLUNTEER Program, an initiative through which we run a number of products in line with our philosophy. We contribute, with your support, to improving the living conditions of people in the most disadvantaged social groups.

These projects involve social campaigns which are carried out in countries where Fundación MAPFRE operates, mainly in AmericaEurope and Asia.

Our social volunteering program is both altruistic and humanitarian and is aimed at having a positive impact in the areas of health, education, nutrition, the environment and providing assistance in emergency situations. In addition, through our Comparte Solidaridad (Share Solidarity) line of action, we also carry out specific activities involving a number of different areas. We provide our employees with the opportunity to take part in these actions to increase their personal satisfaction, motivation and commitment while at the same time acquiring general skills that can be transferred to different areas of their personal and professional lives.

According to figures from 2019, we now have 11,300 volunteers in 28 different countries who carried out more than 1,600 actions throughout the year. Thanks to them, we were able to help more than 126.000 people. You can find out more about all of the activities included in our Volunteer Program by downloading its Annual Report. There you will find the information detailed by country and by project.

We are proud to witness our employees’ growing solidarity. We have increased the number of actions carried out as well as the number of countries in which we operate and the number of volunteers taking part in this program in comparison with 2017. If you would like to take a look at our 2018 Volunteer Report, you can download it here.

Our volunteer program works in the following areas:

  • Nutrition: we provide food to help fight against hunger and malnutrition through various initiatives such as social canteens, food collection campaigns and fair trade.
  • Health: we offer psychosocial support for adults, the infirm, the disabled and other groups at risk of exclusion. We also distribute articles on health and hygiene, promote campaigns to donate blood, organs and bone marrow, and provide other financial support for health-related issues.
  • Education: we support children’s education through remedial teaching activities and the donation of educational materials as well as by raising awareness and teaching young people about humanitarian values.
  • Environment: we are involved in environmental protection initiatives such as reforestation and the clearing of scrub, woodlands and beaches.
  • Emergency assistance: we can intervene immediately to provide assistance in the event of natural catastrophes.
  • Comparte Solidaridad (Share Solidarity): on some occasions several of our areas need to work together: These are activities that require a little, or a lot, of what characterizes other areas. For example, throughout 2018, this program has worked on improving the energy efficiency of the homes of people living in social exclusion.

Every year we also hold a charity market for the benefit of those in greatest need.

We intend to continue along these lines. Committed to our causes, helping – together with you – to improve the living conditions of people in the most disadvantaged social groups. Showing you what we do and introducing you to our volunteers, to this group of generous people who fight and are committed to those who suffer.

For women's employability and entrepreneurship

Digitalizadas is a springboard, a wake-up call that encourages many women to enter the work force or to start business initiatives overcoming their fears and insecurities. Our volunteers help them in their training.

Here is the decalogue of the good volunteer

To dedicate our time and effort to others we need to be generous, to pursue social goals, to understand that we can achieve a more equal society for everyone. Our volunteers give a lot but receive a lot more. In this decalogue we tell you the principles that motivate our volunteers.

Sharing the experience of helping others

Behind the volunteering actions that Fundación MAPFRE carries out in different countries there are people, with names and surnames, with a personal history and different motivations. These are our volunteers, a generous and supportive team. We want to introduce you to them, tell you who they are, what they feel, what drives them to help others.

Through these videos you can learn about our volunteer activities

Participate in our volunteer activities and share their enthusiasm. These videos will show you what they do and how they do it. In all the countries where we work, our volunteers give their support to those who need it most. Join them.