We help to improve the living conditions of people in the most disadvantaged social groups

We help to improve the living conditions of people in the most disadvantaged social groups

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People who dedicate their time and effort to volunteering have a deep vocation to help others. They are people with big hearts and a great deal of empathy, who care about those who need it most.

At Fundación MAPFRE, we share this charitable spirit and want to do everything we can to put the talent of our volunteers at the service of those who need it most, combining efforts and resources to promote their solidarity so that they can access opportunities to contribute their time, effort and dedication, conveying to society the idea that when you help people, you receive much more than you give.

This is why we developed the Fundación MAPFRE Corporate Volunteering Program, an initiative targeting socially responsible companies and their employees, which is designed to launch a number of projects aligned with our philosophy. Through this program, we seek to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged people and groups in different countries where Fundación MAPFRE is present, mainly in the Americas and Europe.

Our volunteering program is altruistic and supportive, and is intended to have a positive impact in the areas of health, education, nutrition, environment and emergency aid. In addition, we have a line of work that focuses on more complex specific initiatives that can also encompass several areas of action, which we have named Comparte Solidaridad (Share Solidarity).

Thanks to our employees and those of our partner companies, in 2022, we were able to implement 1,626 activities in 25 countries. Our volunteers have dedicated 30,288 hours of their time and have had a positive impact on 264,929 direct and indirect beneficiaries.

If you would like to learn more about all the activities carried out by our Volunteering Program, download the volunteering report. There you will find information detailed by country and by project.

If you would also like to access the Volunteering Report 2021, you can download it here.

Our volunteering program focuses on the following areas of action:

  • Nutrition: We collaborate through diverse actions with the goal of meeting people’s basic needs. We know that hunger is a very real problem in the world, and our volunteers are doing everything they can to fight it. From soup kitchens, to food drives, and donations of our “Solidarity Cookie”. We are committed to fighting hunger and malnutrition.
  • Health: We try to improve people’s health and quality of life through volunteering activities that have an impact on them both physically and emotionally. In addition, we support the donation of blood, organs and bone marrow.
  • Education: We support the education of children and young people through school tutoring activities and donations of materials, and we also raise awareness and educate young people in charitable values.
  • Environment: We take part in environmental care initiatives, such as reforestation, and mountain, forest and beach clean-ups, because we know that our land needs to be protected and cared for. Environmental awareness raising is one of the areas of action in which our volunteers are most involved.
  • Emergency aid: We intervene immediately to offer help in the wake of natural disasters. We ensure that those most in need receive the care and support they require at such critical times.
  • Share solidarity: Sometimes, we have to act in a combined manner, cross-cutting several of our areas of action. Many of the activities we carry out are focused on psychosocial support, comprehensive care for refugee families, support activities and online care.

In addition, every year we hold a charity market with the aim of raising funds to benefit small social entities and raise their visibility.

Nothing we do would be possible without the commitment and dedication of our volunteers. Thanks to them we can help make this a better world.

Here is the decalogue of the good volunteer

To dedicate our time and effort to others we need to be generous, to pursue social goals, to understand that we can achieve a more equal society for everyone. Our volunteers give a lot, but receive a lot more. In this decalogue we tell you the principles that motivate our volunteers.

Sharing the experience of helping others

Behind the volunteering actions that Fundación MAPFRE carries out in different countries there are people, with names and surnames, with a personal history and different motivations. These are our volunteers, a generous and supportive team. We want to introduce you to them, tell you who they are, what they feel, what drives them to help others.

Through these videos you can learn about our volunteer activities

Participate in our volunteer activities and share their enthusiasm. These videos will show you what they do and how they do it. In all the countries where we work, our volunteers give their support to those who need it most. Join them.