They are the real stars of the show

Sharing the experience of helping others

Sharing the experience of helping others

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Being a volunteer for Fundación MAPFRE is much more than an individual act of solidarity; it means belonging to a committed group, having a supportive vision of our world and sharing a single mission: helping those most in need.

Together, our volunteers go further. Among other things, they aid the elderly, assist families without resources, and support the education of minors. They go where their generosity is most needed, and they give others the most valuable thing they have, their dedication.

But who are they? What motivates them? What are their values? The Fundación MAPFRE volunteers are a group of generous people, involved with their environment, committed to those who suffer, they are fighters. We introduce them to you below.

Our volunteers create a garden of solidarity

Making a paper flower requires creativity and imagination. But our flowers are also full of generosity and solidarity. Our volunteers have created a flower garden to help elderly people in need.

Volunteers help Massachusetts youth find their first job

We support the organization Bottom Line so that underprivileged youth in the United States receive training and follow-up to complete higher education. Our volunteers also offer them advice when looking for a job.

So that confinement does not widen the gaps of inequality in education

Not all children have had the opportunity to continue studying from home during the confinement. The lack of access to technology or the need for more monitoring has made it difficult for them to learn. Fundación MAPFRE volunteers have provided educational support for children without resources.

Educational support for children without resources

Tengo hogar is a school support program that aims to ensure that no child is left behind due to the problems caused by the coronavirus crisis and schools closing. Our volunteers have become their teachers to keep them on track.

A friendly voice in Mexico

In Mexico, the volunteers who participate in the A Friendly Voice initiative tell us their stories, everything they get by helping. With every call, they overcome fears and break down barriers. With every action they grow as people.