Look Both Ways

The Look Both Ways Program is part of an effort to reduce road related injuries and fatalities. The Look Both Ways program supports Vision Zero and encourage drivers, passengers and pedestrians to think twice about their behavior and look out for each other.

Look Both Ways PSA Contest

Each year high school students across Massachusetts are invited to create a script for a public service announcement to reach their peers with important road safety messages. The winning students work with an advertising agency to produce the spot. The winning school also receives $3,000 for road safety education, provided by Fundación MAPFRE.

This contest is based on the idea that there is no better way to reach young people than through their peers. They are the most appropriate voice to deliver life-saving messages to their classmates and friends.

2024 Winning PSA – “Don’t Play Around, Look Both Ways”

Congratulations to Natick High School for winning the 2024 MA Look Both Ways High School Road Safety PSA contest. This year’s winning script was written by two first year students and emphasized the importance of always being alert, whether you are behind the wheel or not.

Past Winners

In each edition of the contest, the students’ creativity is put to the test. Through simple messages on topics of interest to young people or everyday situations, the importance of prevention is highlighted.

To get you inspired and on board with the Look Both Ways campaign, check out last year’s winning PSA here.

Look Both Ways 2023 PSA

Northbridge High School

In a post-apocalyptic world, two young people, pursued by zombies, manage to reach their car. But, faced with the choice between the threat from the outside and a reckless driver, one of them, opts for the zombies.

We think you’ll agree that their Zombies approach was scary good!

LBW Tour

Look Both Ways connects high schools and colleges with the program’s Look Both Ways Virtual Reality and “React Challenge” digital game experiences. The mobile, interactive stations test students’ safe driving ability when faced with distractions behind the wheel.

Fundacion MAPFRE can collaborate with you to schedule the Look Both Ways tour at your school or community event.

More information: info@lookbothwayssafety.org

MASSDOT Transportation Innovation Conference – “Empathy at the Intersection” Experiential Exhibit – April 30 and May 1

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