Kalipay: a journey to hope

OCT.13.2020          JAN.24.2021

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OCT.13.2020        JAN.24.2021


Hall 2 de Torre MAPFRE, 08005, Barcelona

Monday to Friday from 11:00 am. to 7:00 pm.

*To visit the Kalipay exhibition, you need to book in advance at the concierge desk in the MAPFRE Tower. Your accreditation card also gives you access to the cafeteria.

Kalipay is not just a foundation working on the island of Negros, one of the areas with the highest child poverty rate in the Philippines, it is also a refuge, a home where many children recover from child labor exploitation, family abandonment, and the prostitution and sexual violence they have experienced on the streets. In Tagalog, Kalipay means happiness.

We invite you to explore the streets of the Philippines and accompany the children of Kalipay on their life experiences. We want to share their emotions, to prick your conscience, to arouse your feelings. The layout is planned to open visitors’ eyes to the reality of life for many Philippine children, accompanying them on a journey to hope: from a life of violence and abandonment on the streets to the safety and warmth of their new home, Kalipay.

This exhibition aims to shine a spotlight on organizations such as the Kalipay Foundation that put all their efforts into helping these vulnerable children, rescuing them from miseryviolence and sexual abuse.

Enter their world, get to know their lives, share their hopes and dreams. Welcome to Kalipay.

The exhibition is divided into two sections that symbolize injustice and hope. In the first section, you will be struck by the hyper-realistic sculpture of a child sleeping rough among cardboard boxes. The journey continues through a series of photographs that plunge you into the reality of thousands of children in the Philippines, into the mistreatment, exploitation, abuse and violence experienced by these youngsters who have been abandoned on the streets.

In the second part of the exhibition we enter the light, sensing the hope that imbues the Kalipay Foundation. A gabled roof represents the warmth of the home; the desks symbolize access to education; the children’s books, toys and other objects help to convey the sense of safety they feel in this refuge. Their drawings, which hang from a protective ceiling, show us their journey from the shadows to the light, their relief on reaching this place that will help to heal their wounds.

An audio-visual documentary relates the history of the Kalipay Foundation while a series of photographs visually narrates the stories of its protagonists, such as Ginno, Bubbles, Anna and Joey and many other children and young people who have now been given the chance to dream of a future.

With this virtual tour you can enter the heart of our social exhibition and learn about this project that has changed the lives of many children in the Philippines. Discover the Kalipay universe from wherever you are.

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