TwoFaces, a view from the inside out of Acquired Brain Injury

28.MAY.2021           17.SEP.2021

TwoFaces, a view from the inside out of Acquired Brain Injury



28.MAY.2021         17.SEP.2021


Hall 2 de Torre MAPFRE, 08005, Barcelona

Monday to Friday from 11:00 am. to 7:00 pm.

*To visit the exhibition, you need to book in advance at the concierge desk in the MAPFRE Tower. Your accreditation card also gives you access to the cafeteria.

Your life can change suddenly in a matter of seconds. In Spain, more than 100,000 people suffer from Acquired Brain Injury every year, whether from a stroke, head injury or tumor. Their reality, and that of those around them, is dramatically transformed, causing an upheaval that in many cases forces them to start practically from scratch. The effects of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) can be quite disabling, causing physical problems, impaired speech, loss of memory and perception, and behavioral issues.

The exhibition, promoted by the Spanish Platform for Acquired Brain Injury in association with Fundación MAPFRE, MIARCO, Cuco Cuervo and Fundación Gmp, aims to offer a different point of view to increase the visibility of this particular collective and give the general public the chance to understand and recognize ABI. The goal is to make society aware of the situation of people with ABI in Spain so they can get the support they need and improve their living conditions.

Putting a face to Acquired Brain Injury.

Through photography, we are introduced to the stories of some of the people who have suffered an ABI, giving it names and faces and accompanying them on a journey in which various images show us the most common conditions of ABI and continues with photos taken by Cuco Cuervo in which patients affected by ABI are portrayed next to someone important in their lives. Each portrait is accompanied by a video of the protagonists’ testimony.

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