WAYS of self-improvement

22.FEB.2021           21.MAY.2021

We invite you to take journey with heroes of these 15 stories of self-improvement and integration in their daily lives

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22.FEB.2021         21.MAY.2021


Hall 2 de Torre MAPFRE, 08005, Barcelona

Monday to Friday from 11:00 am. to 7:00 pm.

*To visit the exhibition, you need to book in advance at the concierge desk in the MAPFRE Tower. Your accreditation card also gives you access to the cafeteria.

Disabilities are often invisible. This statement, and the reality that lies behind it, was what encouraged photo-journalists Quim Puig and Romuald Gallofré to embark on this project that aims to offer a different way of looking at people with disabilities.

Their cameras have captured how 15 protagonists with disabilities live their day-to-day lives in their workplaces. Through their abilities, the subjects claim their right to a normal life, proving that they are totally capable of joining the labor market; they are artists, politicians, sportspeople, journalists, doctors, gardeners, receptionists or couriers, among other professions. With their message they aim to make society aware that being disabled is not a barrier to achieving their professional aspirations and they ask to be accepted in the labor market by offering all their skills to society.

In Catalonia, 611,035 people have some form of disability. But who are these people? What jobs to they do? This exhibition gives us a closer insight into their lives, also offering a snapshot of the current situation of the labor market for people with disabilities in Catalonia. The objective of this exhibition is to confirm that normal employment for people with disabilities is possible and exists.

The promoters of the exhibition, Fundación Grupo SIFU, have been working for 15 years to foster the social integration and employability of people with disabilities and to raise society’s awareness of the importance of showcasing the skills of people with functional diversity by developing their attributes, strengthening their professionalism, and promoting equal opportunities, harmonious coexistence, respect and individual freedoms.

Don’t miss these 15 different views on disability. Get to know our heroes. Give them visibility.

Fundación gruposifu

The exhibition, which has been traveling throughout Spain for four years, offers 15 large-format black and white photographs that reflect the essence of its protagonists. The exhibition is completed with audio-descriptive guides for blind people and incorporates objects related to some of the photographs, aimed at explaining the image and making it easier for visually impaired people to understand the content, by touching these objects.

Quim Puig and Romuald Gallofré have portrayed the participants in moments of their daily routine. In these images, the photographers have managed to capture their expressions in a natural manner and their experiences as they went about their work. Threre are no models or posing. Only people showing the face of disabilty through gestures, actions, looks and smiles.

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