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Scholarships for the common good

Once again this year, the 2030 Agenda is the horizon for the 2021-2022 scholarships of Fundación Carolina, which offer a range of educational opportunities in the spirit of international cooperation that characterizes Spanish foreign action.

This Christmas, closer than ever

On this very special Christmas due to the corona virus crisis, from Fundación MAPFRE we want to send you a message of hope and despite the distance, we hope you will feel us by your side.

Wherever you are, we’re beside you

Our mission is to work to improve people’s lives. Caring, trying to ensure health and safety, filling the world with culture and knowledge. That is why these days, more than ever, we want to accompany you.

Together we are stronger

Once again this year, on the 7th European Day of Foundations and Donors, we want to make ourselves visible. For the first time ever, all the foundations in Europe will be on Twitter to tell us about themselves and how they contribute to the development of society.