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Today is a day to remember the progress that has been made in reducing inequalities between men and women. Today is International Women’s Day and I would like to add my voice to those of other women. We all have a lot to say.

I chose to study law, but I could have also selected a technical degree, because the key was to train to be a good professional and, as they used to say in my time, “build a future for myself“.

I focus on training because it seems essential to me. It has been a constant throughout my professional life. In this I have been lucky to work in a company like MAPFRE that, in addition to promoting education, has given me the opportunity to interact with great professionals and experts, men and women, from whom I have also been able to learn and, through that, enrich my professional work.

Never being satisfied, continuously learning and adding value. That was the guiding principle behind every one of my movements, and now I am 51 years old. At the beginning of all were my parents. I want to thank them because they educated me in freedom and respect, and they encouraged and supported me to be an independent woman. I am 51 years old, and training, education and responsibility have marked my entire professional and personal life.

I am 51 years old (I reiterate, I like it, I feel at ease with my age). I have spent most of my working life at MAPFRE, the company where I have grown both as a professional and as a person. Over the years I have been presented with a variety of opportunities to take on greater challenges and responsibilities: I have always accepted. Being a woman has never been an obstacle because, regardless of gender, wherever I have worked, effort, knowledge, experience and professionalism have been valued. This is what I have experienced.

I am 51 years old, and again I repeat my age because the opportunities keep on coming. A year ago I took on a new professional challenge by joining Fundación MAPFRE, as director of the Insurance and Social Welfare Area, one of its five areas of activity.

Every day I learn something new, from my colleagues, from my team; every day I try to contribute value to the foundation, from my area of responsibility and with the awareness that my work contributes to building a more humane present and future for everyone. This perspective is very gratifying: I am working to improve people’s lives. At this stage I have new goals, new concerns, new challenges. And I believe.

Having the ambition to continue growing as a professional is very good. You have to approach it as ongoing improvement, bringing out the best version of yourself as you perform your duties and responsibilities: your job.

Let’s live in the present, let’s not confuse ambition with competition and let’s enjoy what we do. Let’s believe in ourselves and in the present. Let’s embrace the future.


Clara Bazán
Director of Insurance and Social Welfare at Fundación MAPFRE.