Our solidarity with Ukraine has not stopped

We support the Ukrainian citizens displaced by the war

We support the Ukrainian citizens displaced by the war

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Since February 24, millions of Ukrainians have been on the move, fleeing from bombs and horror, looking for a place of safety. Many of them have crossed the borders of their country; some have settled in nearby areas in the hope of returning home soon; while others have found refuge in more distant countries, such as ours.

We at Fundación MAPFRE wanted to support them at this difficult time; to stand alongside those who have stayed behind in Romania, Poland or Moldova, as well as other countries, and also to support those who are arriving in Spain.

For this purpose, we launched a campaign, in which we participated together with other companies and a great many citizens, to raise funds for Fundación Mensajeros de la Paz, with the aim of supporting this organization in its important mission of sheltering those escaping from war. Thanks to the generosity of so many people, 163,400.56 euros were raised to help hundreds of Ukrainians who have crossed the border at Siret in Romania, where they found basic humanitarian aid and a helping hand.

But we also wanted to support children, always one of the most vulnerable groups affected by war, particularly those suffering from diseases. Today, many of them are no longer able to receive treatment in Ukraine or have been wounded in the bombings. To help alleviate their situation, we have been involved in organizing a charity concert from which all the proceeds will be used to provide these children with the best possible treatment. This project was boosted thanks to the participation of the Ukrainian National Ballet Company ‘Virsky’, which in April offered, free of charge, two charity performances in Spain, in Madrid and Barcelona. This concert was made possible thanks to the collaboration of HM Hospitales, Fundación MAPFRE and Mediaset España, with the support of the theater companies Stage Entertainment España and Grupo Focus, which made their theaters available, at no cost, for this cause. The first children have now arrived in our country, accompanied by their families, and they are already being cared for.

As long as the war continues, as long as people are displaced and suffering, our solidarity network will continue to promote actions to support the Ukrainian population. At Fundación MAPFRE we will continue working to provide aid to those who need it most.