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Work and health in times of pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many of our work habits. Remote working is here to stay and pandemic fatigue has multiplied daily stress. On World Day for Safety and Health at Work we tell you how to improve your physical and mental condition.

Health at the Live Gamers Show

Videogame players are in luck. Next April, the Live Gamers Show, the biggest Spanish-speaking online event in the videogame world, is taking place and we’ll be there to talk about gamers’ health.

A better Internet starts with you

Every year, on the second Tuesday in February, this event is held to promote safe and positive use of the Internet, especially among children and young people. We join this celebration with initiatives that can help to guarantee the safety of network users.

If eating at work, do not run risks

The new situation produced by COVID-19 affects us in all areas, including food, and especially at work. Here are some hygiene measures to help you eat safely at your workplace without running any risks.

Back to routine… how are you doing?

The atypical summer is over and it is time to get back into daily routine. But this year, as well as the famous post-vacation syndrome, we have to add the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus. Here are some recommendations to make the end of your vacation more bearable.

Tips for a safe return to school

These days millions of children return to their classroom in very special circumstances: keeping the safety distance, mandatory use of masks and new rules when sharing and playing. We offer advice that you can give your children to make their return to school safe.

We’re made of water – we need water

Now that summer is here, the high temperatures increase perspiration levels and we lose much more water in the form of sweat. At this time of year, your body needs additional fluids to keep well hydrated. Pay attention to the amount you drink, and make sure that small children and the elderly are properly hydrated.

Wash your hands without damaging your skin

Hand washing is one of the best prevention measures against the coronavirus, but if we are not careful it can have a negative effect on our skin. We tell you how to do it without causing irritation and PH changes.

At the beach or the pool, sun cream and masks

The use of masks is mandatory when in open spaces, and beaches and pools are no exception. When near the sand or water, we need to be extra careful. By following these tips you can sunbathe without complications.

Don’t let a mask spoil your summer

Masks have become an essential accessory when leaving the house, and using them guarantees health and safety. But in the heat, wearing them can be uncomfortable or annoying. Here are some tips to make wearing them during the summer more bearable.

This summer, enjoy healthy eating with the family

Summer is here and ushers in a season of relaxation and fun. Eating healthily should also be a part of enjoying the summer months.Here we give you a few tips to help optimize your children’s health without saying no to the occasional treat!

If life puts you to test…

Sometimes life makes it hard for us. The loss of a loved one, a separation, the loss of a job are hard blows which, if we add to them stress or frustration, can plunge us into a personal crisis. We make some recommendations for surviving times of harsh adversity.

In memory of Doctor Vaquero

A tireless fighter and pioneer, the head of the medical team that has revolutionized the hopes of thousands of people suffering from spinal injuries, died a few days ago. From here we pay a well-deserved tribute to Dr. Vaquero, head of neurosurgery at the Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro.

In view of COVID-19, three precautionary measures and a lot of common sense

The declaration of the expansion of the COVID-19 coronavirus as a pandemic has triggered the concern of citizens around the world. But the data on its mortality rate puts its severity into perspective. In view of the expansion of this coronavirus, one must be well informed, adopt the simple precautionary measures (PDF 395 KB) that we propose and to remain calm.