We’re made of water – we need water

Don’t run risks: keep well-hydrated this summer

Don't run risks: keep well-hydrated this summer

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Some 75% of the human body weight at birth is accounted for by water, later dropping to around 60% as an adult. This explains the need to keep our bodies well hydrated. Drinking the right amount of liquids regulates cell function, facilitates the transport of nutrients, improves joint lubrication, and helps to maintain the optimum body temperature.

The recommended daily fluid intake to maintain the right level of hydration is two to two-and-a-half liters of water per day, although each individual has different needs depending on their age, their physical condition and health, and the time of year.

In these high summer temperatures, we recommend that you pay particular attention to hydration, especially in young children and the elderly. Children cannot recognize thirst as their detection system is still immature, added to which they usually “don’t have time” to stop and have a drink. And the elderly, due to cognitive decline, the loss of the sensation of thirst, and mobility difficulties tend not to keep themselves as well hydrated as they should.

If you’re going to practice sport it is just as important to drink while you are engaged in physical activity as afterwards. Exercising leads to higher perspiration, and hence you need to increase your fluid intake.

Generally speaking, if you’re a healthy person you can get all the liquid you need by drinking water along with soft drinks, fruit juices, dairy beverages and soups. Fruit and vegetables also contribute a lot of water to the body, especially lettuce, spinach, oranges and tomatoes.

Pay attention to your hydration levels – drink plenty of liquids and, most importantly, don’t wait until you’re thirsty. This is the first sign that your body is not getting the fluid levels it needs.

Have a great summer!