Here’s to a less smartphone-dependent summer!

We give you ten tips to switch off your smartphone as well as yourself while on vacation

We give you ten tips to switch off your smartphone as well as yourself while on vacation

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Whether you’re an adolescent or an adult, you’ve almost certainly noticed that smartphone dependence is seemingly inescapable and that you’re spending more and more time answering messages, searching for information, or instantly and instinctively responding to notifications. Non-essential habits and obligations are gradually entrapping you, eating up your time and taking over your life.

With the arrival of summer, it’s not unusual to change some of your habits and routines. Why not cut back on your smartphone use to give yourself more free time and peace of mind?

To help you achieve this goal, Fundación MAPFRE, in conjunction with Twitter and PantallasAmigas, would like to pass on these simple and practical tips so you can enjoy a healthier summer, though without going overboard and completely relinquishing all the benefits of your smartphone.

  1. Make a study of how much time you spend using your smartphone and what you use it for, and what you’re missing out on because of this. Having factual information to hand helps you to be more aware and make informed decisions.
  2. Turn off your smartphone from just before dinner to just after breakfast. Switching off at night is essential for your rest and relaxation.
  3. Mute any sounds and vibrations associated with notifications. Stopping them from attracting your attention makes it easier to stay in control.
  4. Remove apps that notify you of pending activities on the home screen. Having to look for a pending task forces you to be more aware of when to do it.
  5. Restrict your involvement in instant messaging groups. Minimizing your participation in large groups frees up your time.
  6. Define your own communication patterns and share them. Telling your contacts about your decisions helps to avoid misunderstandings and allows you to switch off.
  7. Put your smartphone in airplane mode whenever you sit down for a meal. Establishing times when you are unavailable is an opportunity and a necessity.
  8. Identify the times when you really don’t need the smartphone and put it out of reach. Making it difficult to get hold of means that you have to make a conscious effort to use it.
  9. Think about your eyes, your back, your neck… and give them a rest. Reducing the use of your smartphone increases your physical well-being.
  10. Call more, make more dates… share your life offscreen. Developing personal contacts brings greater value and enjoyment to your life

To reinforce our message, we’ve prepared 10 illustrations that reflect each of the recommended guidelines in both vignette and animated form. Click here to see them.

This summer, take it easy, look after your health, and take back every moment of your time for yourself. Switch off your smartphone!