A better Internet starts with you

We join in the celebration of Safer Internet Day

We join in the celebration of Safer Internet Day

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On 9th February 2021, Safer Internet Day will be celebrated worldwide, this year under the slogan ‘A better Internet starts with you’. more connected, safer‘. This event, promoted by the INSAFE/INHOPE network with the support of the European Commission and, in Spain, the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE), is organized every year to raise awareness among children and families, education professionals and social workers, as well as companies and politicians, of the importance of creating an environment that guarantees the digital well-being of the user. Each of us, in our own way, can play our part in making the internet safe: users must demand positive and quality content; the educational environment must promote awareness among students, the technology industry can offer options for protection against risks, and companies must demand tools that guarantee safe use of the Internet by their employees.

Fundación MAPFRE joins this initiative to make the Internet a better place, a place where all users behave respectfully and responsibly, but also critically and creatively. With our Control Your Network program we want to raise awareness of the need to develop good digital health, ensure that children acquire appropriate habits in the controlled and safe use of ICTs, offer information to families about Information and Communication Technologies and provide educators with practical and flexible materials that allow them to transmit this knowledge in the classroom so that schoolchildren can identify the signs of inappropriate use of ICTs.

Convinced, moreover, that minors are the most vulnerable on the Internet, on the occasion of this day we have launched, together with Twitter and PantallasAmigas, the campaign “Mobile and Video Games. Enjoying without Abusing“, to call for reflection and awareness regarding the excessive use of screens, which is increasingly affecting the population as a whole, especially adolescents. The campaign involves the participation of around a hundred secondary school students from various educational centers, who expressed their points of view and collaborated on the tone and format of the messages.

We can all play an active part in creating a better Internet. Join the celebration of Safer Internet Day.