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One year growing together

11,300 volunteers. 1,637 activities. More than 170,000 people benefited in 28 countries. These 2020 figures say it all:we have more volunteers each year, and with them, we all grow.

Fundación MAPFRE’s red and white in Nicaragua

In these times of pandemic it is not easy to gather more than 300 people to celebrate solidarity and commitment. While following all anti-covid protocols, the Fundación Civil Hogar Luceros del Amanecer organized a leisure event in recognition of the work we do in the city of Camoapa.

Semillas: Seeds for family-based learning

The year 2020 was a very challenging one for families. The usual difficulties were even further exacerbated by lockdown situations, children having to study at home, the need to maintain social distancing, and economic problems. The Semillas, aprendiendo en familia (Seeds for Family-Based Learning) project offers support to parents to help raise their children at this difficult time.

Empowered and digital women

We participate in Digitalizadas to support women who are struggling to get ahead, to improve, to achieve and, thanks to the training work carried out by our volunteers, to break down technological and gender barriers.

It all begins in childhood

Child poverty is a tragedy. It cripples children’s dreams and robs society of their potential talent. The Alianza País Pobreza Infantil Cero (Country Partnership for Zero Child Poverty) was created to ensure that the 27.4% of children living at risk of poverty in Spain can have access to a better future. Fundación MAPFRE joins this initiative with the certainty that together we can offer our children equal development opportunities.

Always at your side

We are currently experiencing some very difficult times that are putting us to the test and demand all our strength to get through them. Fundación MAPFRE is there to support you, always at your side. Together we are stronger.

30,000 Christmas lunches for vulnerable families

Cooking 30,000 dinners in three days and handing them out in one morning. This is the challenge facing our volunteers and the World Central Kitchen team members. The objective is to hand out a special, hot meal to many vulnerable families on December 24th: Christmas Eve dinner.

A prize for our social commitment

For eleven editions, Fundación SERES has delivered its Annual Awards each year, a recognition for those institutions that exercise their activity responsibly, with the commitment to generate value for society. In this edition, Fundación MAPFRE has been selected to receive one of the three awards together with the companies Correos and Grupo Red Eléctrica.

A challenge, a hope

Our DNA drives us to be proactive in improving our society. In the face of the coronavirus pandemic we had to take action and offer our experience and our support to serve society. In the report A challenge, a hope we tell you about the actions we have carried out in 27 countries to which we have allocated 35 million euros.


The Spanish Association of Foundations has decided to launch the initiative #NowMoreFoundations in order to join forces, give visibility to their actions, and solve the dramatic situations that are beginning to become evident.

35 million to fight the pandemic

Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have fully adapted our programs to help society. Most of our activities have been postponed so we can focus all our efforts on a set of urgent actions. The projects are as follows.

Being a volunteer changes lives

What motivates Fundación MAPFRE’s volunteers? United by the same way of thinking and feeling, they are driven by a desire to improve the world around them and to transform the lives of the most disadvantaged in society. With our work, everyone wins.


Foundations want to respond to society’s needs. We want to get to know you and for you to get to know us. Join our #somosfundaciones campaign from 1 to 5 April. Tweet.

A year of creating opportunities

Throughout 2018, our 8,618 volunteers have taken part in 1.621 activities to support those most in need. Thanks to their humanitarian efforts, almost 4.500.000 dpeople in 28 countries have directly or indirectly benefited from our Volunteering Program.

Books to change lives

Thanks to your stories, we are going to be able to bring hope to hundreds of children, helping them to transform their reality and imagine a future.