Madrid, the global capital for people with visual impairment

We look forward to welcoming you to the World Blindness Summit Madrid 2021

World Blindness Summit Madrid 2021

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Social Action

The World Blindness Summit Madrid 2021 is the largest-ever international gathering on visual impairment. More than 1,000 blind and severely visually impaired people from nearly 109 countries around the world will be taking part in the summit to discuss a new, inclusive and innovative approach to blindness and to share the experiences and practices developed over the last five years, especially the actions implemented to cope with the effects of the pandemic on every sphere of life for blind and partially-sighted people around the world.

The World Blind Union (WBU) and the International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment (ICEVI) are promoting this unique meeting which, on this occasion, through the organization of the ONCE Social Group, is using Madrid as its virtual epicenter. This is the first global, accessible online congress aimed at addressing the significant difficulties and challenges faced by blind and partially-sighted people in the wake of the serious crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Register here and take part in the almost 50 online conferences and webinars taking place during the event. Registration is free of charge.

The World Blindness Summit is organizing spaces, workshops, presentations, knowledge-sharing sessions and discussion tables to discuss the challenges already experienced and what work still needs to be done to ensure that people with impaired vision can participate fully in every aspect of their lives.

Fundación MAPFRE supports the full inclusion of all people with disabilities and therefore we will be taking part in three round tables at this event.

June 28, at 6.30pm

Anastasia Peñas Quintana

Partnerships as a Key Element in the Disability Movement (WBU)

Anastasia Peñas Quintana, MAPFRE’s Director of Employee Experience, is participating in this session aimed at underlining the fact that disability, as an issue directly linked to Human Rights, is part of the global sustainability agenda within the framework of ESG criteria (environmental, social and good governance). It will also analyze the role of the private sector in including disability in diversity policies, with the support of the OPD sector (Organizations of People with Disabilities).

June 28, at 8.30pm

Clara Bazán Cea

Social Responsibility and Organizations of People with Disabilities (OPDs)

Clara Bazán Cea, Director of Insurance and Social Welfare at Fundación MAPFRE, will be attending this session which, in the light of the challenges of the 2030 Agenda, will analyze the point we have currently reached and share reflections and initiatives that will help us to steer this challenge in the best possible way up to 2030 from the perspective of the inclusion of people with visual impairments.

June 29, at 8.30pm

Daniel Restrepo Manrique

Social Responsibility and Leadership: the private sector and OPDs collaboration

Daniel Restrepo Manrique, Director of Social Action at Fundación MAPFRE, will be taking part in this webinar/workshop that aims to promote and share good practices in the field of strategic partnerships in support of disabled people’s rights, and how to improve relations with public and private entities. The objective is to recognize all sectors of society as key development agents, and to highlight the need for an unprecedented level of cooperation and collaboration between civil society, the private sector, public administrations, and the third sector to achieve this aim.

Be sure to attend this inclusive, disruptive and innovative meeting. Find out more and register here. We look forward to meeting you at the World Blindness Summit Madrid 2021.