Fundación MAPFRE Monday

Side by side with the “Pan y Amor” association in Nicaragua

Side by side with the "Pan y Amor" association in Nicaragua

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Social Action

Since the year 2000, the association Pay y Amor has dedicated all its efforts to improve the lives of children and adolescents at risk of social exclusion in Managua, Nicaragua. Its objective is to provide them with a quality education that will enable them to enter the work force successfully and with a high level of ethical, technical and scientific knowledge. In addition, children and young people receive balanced nutrition and medical and psychological care to enhance their overall development.

Fundación MAPFRE supports this project so these children can enjoy their childhood knowing that the future belongs to them. We share with Pan y Amor the idea of a fairer society, offering opportunities to everyone.

Today, the Pan y Amor association wanted to thank us for our support and created the “Fundación MAPFRE Monday“, a day when cooks, teachers and all the staff wear our T-shirts and aprons to remember that we are a team and that together we can go further.

We work for a better world.

Between us all, we can achieve this.