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A shared space

Cities are adopting new mobility formulas to allow all users to use public roads in an integrated manner. No matter how you get around, whether you are a pedestrian or a driver, whether you use your own vehicle or public transport, the city is a space in which we must all coexist and circulate safely.

By remembering we can ensure that there are no more victims

Future plans and dreams that will never come true, loved ones that we will never see again. The consequences of not being responsible, recklessness or speeding are irreparable. On the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims we remember the victims, with names and surnames, to prevent repeating so much pain.

Driving a motorhome: more than just a means of travel

For many years now, motorhomes have been attracting increasing numbers of enthusiasts, and in recent times this trend has really taken off. Motorhomes offer independence while at the same time making it easy to keep a distance from other travelers. What more could you ask for? We reveal some of the keys to this way of travelling, which has now become a whole philosophy of life.

Knowing the rules makes us safer

Working in coordination with DWV on the project “Knowing the rules you will be safer” we want to to promote the knowledge of traffic rules to children and youngsters so they can behave safely when using public roads.

Road Safety Manifesto

After many years of hard work, the Road Safety Manifesto is finally seeing the light, whose signatories include Atresmedia, Cintra, Ford, Fundación Ibercaja, Fundación MAPFRE, Gonvarri, Movistar and SEUR.

You’re not alone on public roads

We live in society and respect for others is the basis of our coexistence. Mobility is no exception; on public roads we must live together with other users. Taking others into account is a rule not to be forgotten.

The submarine effect

We are very aware of the importance of wearing a seat belt whenever we travel in a vehicle, but we do not realize the effects that wearing it inappropriately may have on us. Did you know that if you are wearing a loose or poorly adjusted belt during a collision, you could slide underneath and hit the steering wheel or the ground?This situation is called the submarine effect and in children it can have fatal consequencess.

We need to take urgent measures!

The results of the report carried out by the European Transport Safety Council are devastating. The numbers of pedestrians and cyclists dying on the roads remains extremely high and this trend is showing no signs of abating. It is therefore imperative to take measures that ensure sustainable mobility models where the most vulnerable users can travel in safety.

Education on road safety and mobility is a right

A European study, which Fundación MAPFRE has collaborated on, is offering us 17 keys that should be implemented to ensure that all European citizens, especially children and young people, receive a high-quality education on road safety and mobility issues.

Victims who do not show up in the statistics

When we talk about the victims of road accidents we are referring to the people directly involved in the crash. But what about their mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, partners and friends? For us, they too are victims and on World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, held on 17 November, we want to pay tribute to them for their strength to keep going as well as to reaffirm our commitment to preventing this from happening to others.

Road safety action by sixteen NGOs

The Characterization of the NGOs focused on Road Safety study seeks to identify the challenges and opportunities that non-governmental organizations working on Road Safety face, particularly in terms of raising, accessing and maintaining funding.