Whether you own one car or two, always choose the best CRS

Pay attention to the quality of the child restraint system (CRS) in your second car

Pay attention to the quality of the child restraint system (CRS) in your second car

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Road Safety

There is a tendency to think that our second car, as it is used less frequently or for shorter trips, does not need a high-end CRS. This is a dangerous belief because road accidents can occur at any time, even on the shortest journeys. In fact, statistically, most occur close to home and on everyday journeys. An inferior CRS can compromise a child’s safety in these critical moments.

Let’s look at the risks inherent to the secondary vehicle:

  • Occasional fitting of the CRS. In many cases, especially in family vehicles that may carry children only occasionally, the CRS is put in for that specific trip. A CRS is designed to be installed in a specific and precise way, so installing the CRS each time it has to be used, and perhaps by people who are not used to doing it, can lead to errors that compromise its effectiveness. Having a high-quality CRS permanently fitted in the second car ensures that it will always be correctly installed and ready for use, providing constant and reliable protection.
  • Driver less used to transporting children. In many cases, the driver is not so used to carrying children in the vehicle and, as a result, this can be distracting when driving.
  • Regular journeys. 80% of road accidents occur on regular journeys, where we “relax” when driving because we are in a familiar environment.
  • Vehicle safety. In most cases, the secondary vehicle is smaller, older and has fewer safety systems than the primary vehicle, which increases the risk of injury in the event of a collision.
  • Quality always matters. A lower quality CRS in the second car may deteriorate faster or not provide the same protection as a higher quality one. Wear and tear may go unnoticed if not checked regularly, which could result in less-than-optimal protection. Investing in a high-quality CRS ensures that the device is going to maintain its integrity and functionality over time, no matter which car it is in.

In addition, it may be more complicated to use and its safety levels in the event of a collision may only just comply with the minimum approval criteria, without attaining the levels of excellence in safety that are normally checked by private organizations.

Why choose a child restraint system that has been tested for quality?

 High-quality CRS are designed using advanced technologies and manufactured with superior materials that offer a longer life and better protection against all types of impacts. These advanced features can make a significant difference to a child’s safety during a crash. Opting for a superior CRS in your second car ensures that your child is protected by the best possible standards at all times.

In addition, a high-quality CRS will typically offer greater adaptability and compatibility with different vehicles. This is important for a second car, which may have different features compared to the primary car. An advanced CRS can better adjust to different seat angles and restraint systems, ensuring a safer and more effective installation.

Investing in the best possible child restraint system for both cars is a necessity rather than a luxury. The safety and well-being of the children should be your top priority, regardless of the frequency or duration of trips taken in the second vehicle. A high-quality CRS in each car ensures consistent protection, reduces the risk of installation errors and provides unmatched convenience for families. At the end of the day, peace of mind and the certainty that our children are safe at all times is the best investment.