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The responsibility is shared by all

The responsibility is shared by all

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Committed to road safety and accident prevention

The strategic objective of the Accident Prevention and Road Safety Area is to prevent all types of unintentional injuries in the conviction that the vast majority of them are avoidable. We pay particular attention to road safety, as this is the area where the highest number of serious and fatal injuries occur; as well as injury prevention that cause material damage when these might significantly affect people’s quality of life.

Our core strategic principles are the following:

  • Educating children and young people in the prevention of injuries caused by traffic accidents, fires, mishaps at home, etc.
  • Raising people’s awareness about the importance of accident prevention and road safety, especially to convince those responsible for public policies, technicians, professionals and workers in general – in short, everybody – that it is possible to achieve Goal Zero serious or fatal accidents.
  • Research into preventing injuries in order to design actions based on objectivity and cost-effectiveness, and also to foster the relationship between opinion multipliers and the media as a means of getting the message across to society at large.

The Area’s strategy is carried out through programs such as: educational programs on road safety and preventing injuries in the home, Fire Prevention Week, the awareness-raising campaign Goal Zero and the Road Safety in Companies program. With regard to traffic safety, the Goal Zero initiative includes specific campaigns on child safety seats for carsroad safety for young people, promoting safe cyclingmotorcyclist safety – in short, the full range of principal risk factors.

The aforementioned programs are implemented, as far as possible, in collaboration with the appropriate public administrations and with those most qualified in the field of injury prevention: healthcare professionals, the police, fire fighters, etc. Similarly, active collaboration is provided to other entities such as non-profit organizations from the third sector, when such a collaboration allows for increasing the outreach of Fundación MAPFRE programs.

We invest over 5 million euros in the promotion of safety in our society.

Thanks to the efforts undertaken in recent years, we have become an international reference point in the field of accident prevention. Our programs are present in 23 countries, in which we carry out numerous activities, chiefly in Spain, Ibero-America, Portugal, Germany, the Philippines, Turkey and Malta.

We participate in accident prevention and road safety policies

We collaborate actively with government bodies both in Spain and the other countries where we work. In Spain, with the General Directorate of Traffic and the General Directorate of Civil Protection. Outside Spain, with the National Agencies for Road Safety, the Secretary General of the Ibero-American Road Safety Observatory (OISEVI) and the Ibero-American Firefighters Organization (OBA).

We are honored to be members, among others bodies, of the UNRSC (United Nations Road Safety Collaboration), a work group and advisory body of the United Nations in matters of road safety; the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP), an organization that supports Road Safety associations committed to good driving practices in countries and communities throughout the world; Safe Kids Worldwide, a global organization dedicated to protecting children from unintentional injuries, the main cause of child mortality in the United States; the Latin NCAP, which provides Latin American consumers with independent and impartial safety assessments of new vehicles, and the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), which gives advice on transport safety to the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Member States of the European Union.

We also collaborate with the various international organizations that set the benchmark in matters of accident prevention and road safety: Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), the Ibero-American Federation of Victims Associations Against Road Violence (FICVI), the Johns Hopkins University and the Boston Children’s Hospital.

Our actions can prevent accidents

We go about our activity by segmenting the general public into different risk groups: children, young people, adults and the elderly. We also target groups that, because of their activity and social exposure, have an increased level of responsibility in the task of protecting the people around them such as teachers, doctors and companies.

With regard to accident prevention, we develop initiatives aimed at reducing the number of domestic, sporting and leisure accidents:

  • We work in Fire Prevention, organizing activities in Spain and Ibero-America in collaboration with Fire Services, so that people are able to recognize the risks of fire and know how to respond when one starts.

Learning from childhood

We have been working for over 20 years to bring accident and road safety education to the classroom and the home. The overriding purpose of our education program is to promote the teaching of accident prevention and road safety  in the educational setting. To achieve this, we believe the most efficient method is to intervene in improving behavioral habits, placing particular emphasis on the early years of life, the period in which attitudes, values and respect for rules become consolidated.

Our work is altruistic in nature, providing access to all of our materials, resources and activities free of charge.

We run educational programs in 23 countries.

Training at the service of accident prevention

We actively promote global online training through specialized courses for professionals, brokering agreements with universities and other training centers.

We run training programs for other professional groups such as teachers by means of new technologies.

With regard to accident prevention in the workplace, we provide the Road Safety in the Company course, consisting of 14 specific modules according to the risk group involved: commercial drivers, passenger transport, transport of goods, etc.

Outreach tools

Our priority is to ensure that the activities we undertake achieveever-increasing levels of penetration and effectiveness, reaching the maximum possible number of beneficiaries. To do this, we use the internet and social media as the preferred means of running and spreading the word about programs and activities at both a national and international level.

We maintain a line of collaboration with road safety experts to carry out studies with the objective of gaining in-depth knowledge about the factors that lead to accidents. The results of these studies have had enormous social repercussions, with some being used as work tools in the highest echelons of European governments.

For these studies, we use as our benchmark the strategic plans of the most relevant international bodies such as the World Health Organization and the leading equivalent national or regional organizations in each field.

Additionally, we take part as organizers or speakers at seminars and congresses, both nationally and internationally, related to the prevention of accidents and road safety.

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