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We show people how to protect themselves

We show people how to protect themselves

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The 18th edition of Fire Prevention Week begins, in which we will once again visit different locations with our “Evacuation House”.

Educating people about fire risks and offering basic training on how to act in the event of a fire is the objective of this awareness program which wants to make our homes, schools and workplaces safer.

We cannot forget that every year thousands of people are victims of fires in or close to their own homes. And that is why, despite the current pandemic situation, we have considered it essential to maintain this prevention program, which this time will be in a digital format, to adapt to new circumstances and scenarios.

This program is aimed at the general population, especially the most vulnerable, and, in a very specific way, the very young. In order to stress the need for fire prevention and to publicize the main principles of self-protection, we have developed a series of webinars aimed at schools and their students, in which local firefighters themselves will spread prevention messages to teach how to act in risky situations or how to avoid them. Working with us, children will learn about fire, how it can get out of control, what preventive measures to take, and what to do if a fire cannot be prevented.

This initiative by Fundación MAPFRE together with the Spanish Professional Firefighters’ Association (APTB) and in partnership with local fire prevention and extinguisher services has established itself, after fifteen consecutive years, as a world leader in fire prevention and fire safety campaigns.

Thanks to the online and in-person activities, we will reach further than in previous years, allowing more schoolchildren access to our training so that they will be able to transform their homes into safer places for themselves and their families.

If you want your students from 3rd to 6th grade in your school to learn how to prevent fire and how to act in the event of a fire, send a request via the email address and find out here about the places we will visit in case you also want to sign up your students for in-person activities.