These videos provide some tips to avoid dangerous situations that can happen on a daily basis. Precautions and preventive measures will surely reduce the risk of you being involved in a fire, however should this happen, here we tell you how to evacuate without putting your life at risk.

A fire at school

Knowing how to act in a school fire will make evacuating easier.

Approximate duration: 1 minute – 06 seconds


To avoid the risk of a fire, be careful with the heating equipment.

Approximate duration: 1 minute – 10 seconds

Leaving the house in the event of a fire

Imagine there is a fire in your house. Would you know what to do?

Approximate duration: 1 minute – 06 seconds

Smoke detectors

Detectors are a simple solution and easy to install that warn us of the danger of a fire.

Approximate duration: 1 minute – 04 seconds

Be careful with gas

If you don’t want any shocks with the gas installation: look after it well and keep it well maintained.

Approximate duration: 1 minute – 06 seconds

Fire at home

By preventing you can avoid having a fire at home.

Approximate duration: 58 seconds

If you want to learn to surround yourself with a safe environment, who better than specialists to teach you? In these videos, the firefighters tell you in the first person how to act before a fire. You can watch them at home and practice with the whole family. The little ones will have fun and all together you will learn to prevent and behave safely.

A fire at school

The firemen tell you what to do and what not to do in the event of a fire at school.

Approximate duration: 7 minutes – 50 seconds

A fire at home

At home you feel safe from everything. Did you know that most fires happen at home?

Approximate duration: 11 minutes – 06 seconds