Mundo Justo offers people at risk of exclusion new hopes and reasons to fight

I feel fulfilled and proud to help

Mundo Justo offers people at risk of exclusion new hopes and reasons to fight Mundo Justo offers people at risk of exclusion new hopes and reasons to fight

“Hi. My name is Carmen López. I'm one of the people benefiting from the association Mundo Justo. I came here six years ago, when I was in a situation of addiction and dependency. At the time, I was completely lost. I felt invisible but, as a human being, something inside of me told me that I had to change. The association gave me this opportunity. It wasn't easy but today I can say that I live a normal life within society. I take an active role in the activities of the association, which makes me feel fulfilled, proud to be doing something and, most importantly, happy to be helping others.

Since 2010, due to the crisis, the financial situation of the association has not been good because of the reduction of subsidies. But its volunteers and professionals are still fighting so that we, the beneficiaries, can lead a decent life. Thanks to Fundación MAPFRE, we've been able to solve many problems and, like the association, we're no longer at risk of social exclusion.This is something that scares me a lot because I don't want to go back to my previous life. It's hard because I'm always having thoughts that I have to struggle against every day. But, as they keep telling me, it's worth it. There are two lives: the one I lead now and the one I used to lead, and I have no doubt that I want this one. Getting out of bed with a smile and going to sleep at night knowing I have a roof over my head keep me going. Thank you for helping an association that fights to reduce poverty."

Carmen López is one of the beneficiaries of Mundo Justo. Thanks to this association, she and many others are able to have a normal life. Mundo Justo devotes all of its efforts to the fight against poverty and social exclusion, providing shelter and covering basic and psychosocial needs to people in a situation of social vulnerability such as mothers at risk of exclusion and people struggling with addiction.In addition, the association specializes in offering treatment to people with eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia and associated pathologies). To carry out its work, the association designs programs tailored to each individual and benefits from the collaboration of volunteers.

At Sé Solidario (Be Charitable) we have participated in the Mundo Justo project "Hogares para el futuro" (Homes for the future). The aim of this initiative is to offer a decent home to all mothers with children from 0 to 16 years old at risk of social exclusion who are outside the national welfare network.

We are proud to collaborate with Mundo Justo.Thank you for your important work.