The Pato Amarillo Association

Sé Solidario (Be Charitable) has helped us gain visibility

Sé Solidario (Be Charitable) has helped us gain visibility Sé Solidario (Be Charitable) has helped us gain visibility play

"To Fundación MAPFRE:

On behalf of Pilar Aural, of the board of directors and all the volunteers at the “Pato Amarillo Association”, we would like to express our deepest gratitude for enabling us to take part in the Sé Solidario project.

Taking part in this project, with the interest and commitment that you have shown us, has served not only to bring about the material advantages of the project itself, but also, and most importantly of all, it has helped us to feel we are not alone.

Loneliness is the worst travel companion of all for small associations such as ours, and the fact that you have provided us with the opportunity to publicize our association in a forum as important as yours, through your Sé Solidario program, has afforded us the exposure we needed, not only within the MAPFRE family group which we feel part of, but in other forums which we have been able to reach through the foundation's promotional campaigns and which puts us in the spotlight of many people and companies who were unaware of the Association Pato Amarillo's work.

Sé Solidario has given visibility to many socially-committed people whom we now rely on in order for Pato Amarillo to continue flying higher and higher.

We would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks”.

The Pato Amarillo Association, which began in the 1980s as part of the "Mothers against drugs" movement, has spent many years helping families undergoing hardships to survive in the Orcasitas neighborhood in Madrid. In the 30 years that they have been helping those in need, the association has been growing and as of today's date the figures are impressive. It caters to 2000 people every month, of which 900 are under 18 years old and 35 families visit their headquarters daily in order to pick up food and clothing.

This is all down to the efforts of Pilar Aural and the people in her team, supported by a network of volunteers, who assist people every day who visit Pato Amarillo in search of help and food. Thanks to the collaboration of many donors, the #SéSolidario program delivered almost a ton of food and hygiene products to Pato Amarillo to help support their work and above all, provide exposure for the Voces del Alma campaign, with a promotional video of their activity which garnered over 2500 views, as well as support in developing their website and participation in the Fundación MAPFRE Solidarity Fair.