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Fundación MAPFRE, serving society

Fundación MAPFRE, serving society Fundación MAPFRE, serving society

We would like you to get to know us, to share our objectives, to take part in our activities and to help us move our initiatives forward. We want to increase the quality of life of the world’s inhabitants, promote health in our society, put culture within everybody’s reach, encourage safety on the roads and the prevention of accidents and improve understanding of the culture of insurance.

We are striving to achieve a world in which everybody has the same opportunities, in which technology and knowledge are used to improve people’s lives, and in which there is social innovation with advances that demonstrate solidarity. We recognize the work of those people involved in making this world a better place by supporting their initiatives.

We would like our aspirations to go beyond just good intentions. We are counting on you to make them a reality.

Get to know us, come and get involved.