Ana López-Monís Gallego

Member of the Fundación MAPFRE Board of Trustees External

Ana López-Monís Gallego

Personal details:

Full Name: Ana López-Monís Gallego.
Date and place of birth:3 September 1966 in Madrid.

Law degree from Pontificia Comillas University (Madrid).
Business Science Degree from Pontificia Comillas University (Madrid).
Entrance examinations into the body of public notaries.

Chief positions:
Notary in Madrid (since 2006).
Professor of Civil Law at Pontificia Comillas University (since 2004).
Member of Board of Trustees of Fundación MAPFRE (since January 2015).

Other positions:
General Manager of Registries and Notary Publics, Ministry of Justice (2000-2004).
Tutor ("preparer") of candidates for Public Notaries and Property and Commercial Registrars (1993-2000).