The faces of S.O.S Respira

Renowned chefs and gastronomy opinion leaders are contributing to the campaign

Ambassadors Ambassadors

Ambassadors and opinion leaders from the world of gastronomy such as Ángel León and Samantha Vallejo-Nágera are helping us to raise awareness of the importance of the S.O.S Respira campaign by putting out messages on what to do in the event of potential choking. Would you like to meet our ambassadors?


Mario Sandoval Mario Sandoval

Mario Sandoval

President of the Spanish Federation of Chefs and Confectioners (FACYRE) and head chef of the Restaurant Coque, among numerous other distinctions held by this chef from Madrid. The Restaurant Coque is rated with three suns in the Repsol Guide and has two Michelin stars.


Ángel León Ángel León

Ángel León

Known as the chef of the sea, Ángel León revolutionized the world of gastronomy and cuisine thanks to the opening of the Restaurant Aponiente where he presents dishes that are as innovative as they are exotic. It has two Michelin stars and three Repsol Guide suns.


Samantha Vallejo – Nágera Samantha Vallejo – Nágera

Samantha Vallejo – Nágera

In 1995 she founded her own catering company called ‘Samantha de España Catering’, which has now become one of the most prestigious companies of its kind in the world of gastronomy. Such is Samantha Vallejo's renown and prestige in the field of restaurants and catering that she has formed part of the judging panel for major Spanish competitions and events.


Pedro Larumbe Pedro Larumbe

Pedro Larumbe

He received the National Gastronomy Award in 1984 and was President of the European Association of Young Restauranteurs between 1990 and 1995. Larumbe is now president of Saborea España (Taste Spain) and vice-president of the Spanish Federation of Chefs and Confectioners (FACYRE). His restaurant is called ‘El 38 de Larumbe’.


Fernando Canales Fernando Canales

Fernando Canales

In 1998, he was already running his own restaurant Etxanobe , set in Bilbao's Euskalduna Palace. It has one Michelin star and two suns in the Repsol Guide. It has also been recognized with the The 'Gula de Oro' Madrid Award in 2003; the The Euskadi Gastronomy Award in 2005; the Restaurant owners award for the best restaurant in Spain in 2006; and the Golden Fork Award in Jerez in 2010.


Pepa Muñoz Pepa Muñoz

Pepa Muñoz

Joy and heartiness are the hallmarks of the innovative cuisine of Pepa Muñoz and they are evident in all of the dishes served in her restaurant Qüenco in Madrid.drid.


Koldo Rayo Koldo Rayo

Koldo Royo

In 1989 he opened his own restaurant, the Restaurant Koldo Royo, which has boasted a Michelin star for the best part of twenty years. Among the recognitions he has amassed are 1st Prize in the Spanish Cookery Championship (1988); the Spanish Food Award for his professional career in Madrid (2000); the University of Barcelona's Juan Mari Arzak Award (2000) and the Nadal Gastronomy Award (2002) to name but a few of his numerous prestigious citations.

Luis Vieira Luis Vieira

Luis Veira

A cuisine that is both 'auteur' and avant-garde by the Galician chef Luis Veira. The restaurant Árbore da Veira is distinguished by its Michelin star that was achieved through the exclusivity and the meticulousness that this Galician chef applies to each and every one of his dishes.


Javier Peña Javier Peña

Javier Peña

The cuisine of chef Javier Peña from Valladolid, has a very special and original touch in that it combines exotic flavors from other countries with traditional Spanish gastronomy. Javier Peña defines his cuisine as «Cocina Canalla» or rogue cuisine due to the importing of flavors and ingredients from all corners of the world.


Ricard Camarena Ricard Camarena

Ricard Camarena

The gastronomic career of Ricard Camarena began to take off in 2006 when the restaurant Arrop was named as the best newcomer restaurant at the Gastronomic Congress Madrid Fusión. In 2007 he was named best head chef by the Valencia Academy of Gastronomy, as well as being awarded his first Michelin star. In 2010, he would go on to obtain his second Michelin star and, in 2011, three suns from the Repsol Guide. In October 2012 he opened the Central Bar and Canalla Bistró; 2013 saw the opening of Ricard Camarena Colón and in 2014 he inaugurated the gastronomy R&D space, Ricard Camarena Lab.


Iván Cerdeño Iván Cerdeño

Iván Cerdeño

Chef Iván Cerdeño has become one of the young rising stars in the world of Spanish cuisine. He is owner and director of the restaurant El Carmen de Montesión in Toledo which so far has earned a Michelin star and a Repsol Guide sun. It also boasts two EMES awarded by the Guía Metrópoli as well as triumphing at Madrid Fusión 2014.

Diego Gallegos Diego Gallegos

Diego Gallegos

Nicknamed the ‘caviar chef’, Diego Gallegos was named the outstanding chef of the Madrid Fusión event in 2015. The many achievements and milestones he has achieved over the years have earned him and a Michelin star and a Repsol Sun.