Research grants Ignacio H. de Larramendi

Decision of the 2016 Call

Research grants Ignacio H. de Larramendi Research grants Ignacio H. de Larramendi

Decision of the 2016 Call (334 KB)

With this year's call for grants, we are awarding 25 research grants to provide economic support for research projects in the following areas: Accident Prevention and Road Safety, Health Promotion, and Insurance and Social Protection.

The grants are aimed at academic or professional researchers or research teams interested in undertaking research projects in the above areas, either independently or within the framework of the universities, hospitals, businesses or research centers to which they belong.

The grants will be awarded to the senior researcher as the beneficiary or, at his/her request, to the institution to which he/she belongs and where the research will be conducted, provided that the grant is intended solely for this purpose.

The maximum gross amount of each grant is as follows:

  1. Prevention and Road Safety: 24.000 euros.
  2. Health promotion: 48.000 euros.
  3. Insurance and Social Protection: 15.000 euros.

The grant will be awarded for one calendar year from the date of its acceptance and formalization.

The areas and subjects in which the research projects should focus are the following:


  • Influence of education on accident prevention and self-protection
  • Prevention and accident rates among vulnerable groups
  • Influence of the human factor on driving
  • Connected vehicle and onboard telemetry: driving and road safety parameters
  • Emerging countries: design of stages and prioritization of road safety measures
  • Fire prevention
  • Natural hazard prevention and response
  • Prevention and road safety at Historical Heritage sites


  • Addiction to new technologies and other risks
  • New mobile technologies for health promotion
  • Habit-changing strategies: prevention of obesity and promotion of physical activity
  • Healthy work environments
  • Education for patients
  • Physical injury assessment
  • Health management: clinical quality and safety


Insurance and the challenges of the 21st Century

  • Big data, the cloud and its uses in the insurance business
  • Scope and implications for insurance against cyber risk
  • The sharing economy and insurance
  • Internet of things and insurance
  • Connected car: implications for the insurance industry
  • Climate change and its effects on insurance against natural disasters
  • Inclusion of alternative and complementary medicine in Health insurance
  • Applications of biotechnology in Health insurance
  • Insurance culture: understanding insurance

Social Protection

  • Savings planning in each life cycle
  • Aging population and Health and Life insurance


  • Return on insurance advertising investment
  • Modeling catastrophic risks within capital models
  • New risk factors for underwriting and pricing automobile insurance
  • History of insurance and savings
  • The future of life insurance: beyond the low interest rate scenario
  • Development of insurance in societies with low insurance levels

Applications and documentation

The deadline for registration and submitting the documents to apply for these grants is October 13, 2016 (inclusive)Online registration should be done according to area of study and the documentation requested in the rules should be attached.

To prepare the report outlining the project it is mandatory to use the following template: