Helping to make the transition process into adolescence easier for vulnerable young people in Honduras

The project benefits 245 children and adolescents

The project benefits 245 children and adolescents The project benefits 245 children and adolescents

Aldeas Infantiles SOS Honduras works towards bringing about the self-sufficiency of young people at risk of social exclusion in Honduras, with the support of Fundación MAPFRE.

The goal of the project is to ease their transition process towards self-sufficiency by means of a number of different alternatives which cater to the needs and interests of the young people taking part and to support them on this journey within a framework of respect and freedom.

245 adolescents and young people benefit from this project which runs activities that encourage young people in their community to take part and includes educational activities that enable them to become positive mentors for other young people involved in the project.

During this stage the organization works with two main activities, the first consisting of a Youth Club in each SOS Children's Villages city where the beneficiaries work on topics such as rights, gender, changes that occur in adolescence, life projects, etc.

The second activity, which involves a Youth Counselor, promotes actions which encourage the development of personal skills and employability through new technologies: training processes in robotics and software development, an employability platform and laptops for the community.

Aldeas Infantiles SOS Honduras is an NGDO which works for the Children's right to live in a family. The organization is dedicated to preventing the loss of family care of children and when it is lost, they offer them alternative care and work tirelessly to get the children back into their families and communities whenever possible or they help them find alternative family living arrangements.