We are talking about Mobility in capital letters

We are celebrating the European Mobility Week

We are celebrating the European Mobility Week

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Road Safety

New ways of walking in the city, sustainable transport, the negative consequences of excessive car use, the benefits of cycling… these are some of the topics that will be addressed during this week, which will culminate on the 22nd with the European Day without Cars.

In this edition of the European Mobility Week, the slogan chosen by the European Commission is “Zero-emission mobility for all“. Under this slogan, the different activities organized by cities all over Europe want to raise awareness of the importance of meeting the ambitious objective of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, included in the European Green Deal, promote the implementation of zero-emission transport systems and develop a system that is inclusive for everyone.

Moreover, on September 22nd, the event Cities without Cars! that originated this European initiative takes place, which aims to prove that a city without vehicles is not only possible, but that the living conditions of its citizens would immediately improve and the accident rate and pollution would decrease. The aim of this day is to make society aware that without cars the city can be a better place to live in, more sustainable for the environment and healthier for its inhabitants.

If you are interested in promoting sustainable mobility, join this initiative. Start planning now how you are going to get around on the 22nd. Walking or cycling are two great options.