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With his unique sensitivity and clarity in picking out detail and capturing emotions, Nixon offers his vision of the world, of the human soul, of pain and death filtered through incomparable tenderness.

While it is true that occasionally Nixon would shoot spaces and objects as a break from the emotional intensity demanded by his work with people, his career is distinguished by and dedicated to portraiture. With a solid literary education, Nicholas Nixon discovered photography at a summer workshop and never looked back.

His method of working requires time, due to the level of intimacy he needs to achieve with his subjects and the fact he uses a large format camera.

The series The Brown Sisters, one of the 20th century’s icons of photography, is the fruit of 50 years work. Fundación MAPFRE is in possession one of the five sets in the world that exist in museum format and each year we receive the latest image of the sisters. A living work in progress dedicated to the passing of time and what it is to be human. In our Bárbara de Braganza Exhibition Hall in Madrid you can visit the exhibition until 7 January, where you will also find the 50 photographs that make up The Brown Sisters series in a special set-up designed to highlight its intensity. Don’t miss it.

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