The seven road safety actions you can take to help reach GoalZero victims

These are the road safety actions that all of us can take in our daily lives to contribute to a better future with no road traffic victims

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Road Safety
Zero victims on the roads. This is the goal that everyone involved in road safety is pursuing, and we’re confident we will achieve it, especially if every driver, pedestrian and passenger does their bit.

As parents, we have a duty to instill road safety habits in our children, whether as pedestrians when walking along the street with them or as passengers in their child seats. The more attention they see us paying to their safety, the better they will absorb these concepts in their lives, and when they in turn become adults they will make a bigger contribution to improving these aspects of everyday life by transmitting them to their own children.

These are the road safety actions that all of us can take in our daily lives to contribute to a better future with no road traffic victims. Remember that when we talk about victims we are referring to ALL the people who are injured more or less seriously in accidents as well as fatalities.

  1. Be more aware. The first step on the road to #AutumnGoalZero is being aware that we all have an active role to play in terms of road safety and hence the key to avoiding accidents is in our hands. We need to realize we are not just another number but people who take decisions and play a role in road traffic; this will make us better and more responsible drivers.
  2. Act responsibly. It is essential to assume your responsibility whenever you get behind the wheel. Driving when fully alert and in command of all your faculties, being alcohol- and drug-free, and keeping your attention on the road are basic aspects of your responsibility as drivers.
  3. Respect other drivers and pedestrians. Respect does just as much, if not more, for road safety than all the car’s safety systems. If you respect other drivers’ maneuvers, if you keep your hands off the car horn and are more understanding of other people’s mistakes, then you will be doing your bit to improve behavior on our roads.
  4. Children are the future of road safety, and our example should serve for them to grow up to become responsible drivers and pedestrians who are conscious of what they are doing. Setting them a good example every day and fully answering any questions they may have will help to improve road safety when they grow up.
  5. Good habits always stay with you: when you put your child in their child seat, make it a positive daily ritual, sitting them in the right position, checking the straps and locks, and adjusting the belts properly. When they become aware of the repetitive action, it will turn into a positive habit.
  6. It goes without saying that you should set an example by correctly putting on your own seat belt, without exception.
  7. Talk to your children, explain why these regulations are in place, how they should behave to keep safe away from home, and why we should not allow ourselves to be influenced by other people who fail to follow the rules in the same way.

These small actions and gestures have a big impact on the present and future behavior of drivers and pedestrians and are something that all of us can easily incorporate in our daily lives. Let’s do it to achieve #AutumnGoalZero.