Your date with safe, smart and sustainable mobility

We’re celebrating European Mobility Week from September 16 to 22

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Road Safety

Once again this year, during the week of September 16-22, we are celebrating European Mobility Week (EMW), an initiative that started in 1999 and since 2000 has enjoyed the support of the European Commission to raise society’s awareness of the consequences of car use in cities, in terms of both public health and the environment, and the benefits of using sustainable modes of transport such as public transport, cycling and walking.

Fundación MAPFRE is committed to 3S Mobility: safe, smart and sustainable, promoting road safety knowledge and education, and supporting the message that the EMW wants to send to every user of the public highway. For this reason, as we do every year, we’re joining in this initiative with a number of in-person activities in Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza and Bilbao.

On this particular occasion, with the slogan “Move Sustainably, Stay Healthy”, the European Commission wants to put an emphasis on health, both physical and mental, by associating it with sustainable ways of moving around our cities.

In this respect, we cannot fail to mention the new ways of getting around the city, with an emphasis on bicycles and PMV (personal mobility vehicles). The use of bicycles, Segways and electric scooters has transformed the way we travel in cities, giving drivers a mode of transport that is speedier, more economic, quieter and more environmentally-friendly, but at the same time making it necessary to implement certain behavioral changes to ensure their use is safe, sustainable and healthy. To help you ride your scooter safely, we have started a campaign in conjunction with the RACC: Ride well to stay well.

Furthermore, 22 September is World Car-Free Day, offering a great opportunity to highlight the problems associated with increased traffic in our cities.

If you want to join this new way of moving around the city, if you’re a cyclist or you prefer getting around on a PMV, this event is for you, too. Learn how to get around the city with 3S. Take part in the EMW.