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Recommendations for transporting children correctly

Recommendations for transporting children correctly

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Road Safety

When school starts again, we get back into our routines, including transporting our children to and from school. In this article we offer you some basic guidelines for starting school in the safest way.

If you take your children by car;

  • Check that the Child Restraint Systems (CRS) are still appropriate for their weight and age by adjusting the height of the harnesses and head rests.
  • Spend a moment checking that the children’s seats are installed correctly, the harnesses and belts are properly tightened, and the front seats are placed as far forward as possible.
  • Place backpacks and anything that could be thrown around in the trunk of the car.
  • Remove any warm clothing from the child before placing them in the chair or seat.
  • The first few days of driving to school can be particularly stressful. It’s time to make use of that calm you stored up during the vacations so you don’t get too worked up. As we always say, if your child arrives 5 minutes late one day, it won’t matter; the important thing is that they actually arrive.
  • Pay close attention during drop-off and pick-up. Most accidents involving children and vehicles occur during these activities.

If your child goes on the school bus;

  • Make sure it has the appropriate restraint systems for their size and weight, as required by law.
  • Pay attention when getting on and off the bus. Always keep children under control and out of the way of the front and rear of the bus, as well as its wheels, in case it moves.

We hope that these tips will make your back-to-school trips safer.