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Solutions for transporting our children correctly

Solutions for transporting our children correctly

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When we travel by car, we know the correct way to transport our children, but in many cases we take a plane and then rent a car. We are going to try to shed some light on the doubts you may have in this case.

The rationale for the use of seat belts in an airplane is different from that of a car. In an airplane, a collision with another airplane is not a realistic possibility, so 2-point seat belts are mainly used to avoid ejections in the event of turbulence, emergency maneuvers and landings.

This explains why airplanes only use 2-point belts.

Inside an aircraft, therefore, the main challenge we will face is how to transport a baby, since the seats are not particularly designed for their comfort and safety.

The flight crew provides us with a safety harness for take-off and landing maneuvers as well as turbulence, so that we can travel with the baby on our lap. This harness prevents the baby from being ejected, but it is not the most appropriate way to carry them

The most advisable thing to do would be to transport the baby in a baby carrier. Some baby carriers on the market are approved for installation with a two-point belt on an airplane. This has involved impact tests to guarantee the baby’s safety.

The seats authorized for use in airplanes are shown in the following list.

The use of an approved baby carrier also offers the advantage of already having a suitable restraint system if we rent a car at the destination, making it the most appropriate solution.

If the child is old enough to use the 2-point belt, this will be sufficient, since, as we have explained, its function is not to restrain in case of collision as in a car, but to prevent ejection.

Once at our destination we must remind ourselves of the most appropriate way to carry children in the car if we rent one. This infographic should jog your memory.

In general, airlines do not charge extra for transporting child seats in the cargo hold, so this may be a good option if we do not want to rent a car seat at our destination.

In addition, the limits on the use of child restraint systems vary depending on the country we visit, so we must be sure of the legal limits regarding the transport of minors at our destination. Please bear in mind that European car seat regulations are not valid in all countries, so if we travel to Canada, USA, Australia, Korea, Brazil or China, we must be aware that they have their own regulations and our car seat will not be suitable.

If we rent a car, we must remember that we are not in a familiar setting, neither in terms of the roads nor the vehicle itself, so our risk of having a collision increases. The safety of our little ones must continue to be optimal, so we must be especially cautious when traveling.