If life puts you to test…

Tools to overcome a personal crisis

Tools to overcome a personal crisis

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It is not easy to always stay positive, and even less so when life shows us its less friendly face. However, it has been proven that people who don’t lose their ability to enjoy small things are better able to tolerate adversity. To get through difficult times you have to take care of yourself, not be too demanding on yourself, respect and understand your emotions, and accept help. It seems like a difficult task, but with these simple tips you can achieve it.

Don’t be too demanding on yourself. Many people stick the to same standards and demands in good times as they do in bad times. Excessive demands multiply exhaustion unnecessarily.

Value your efforts. The better you feel with yourself, the easier it will be to overcome difficult situations. Pay attention to your needs. Stop, analyze and let some healthy pride kick in: your sacrifices are valuable and your efforts are well worth it.

Not expressing feelings generates stress and multiplies anxiety and somatization. Spend some time on understanding your feelings. Your body and mind will appreciate it.

Try not to get carried away with negativity, consider whether the situation is really that catastrophic. Look for a method that allows you to play down the situation, you’ll see how adversities are less intensive.

It is crucial that you ask for help, and not to fall into isolation or closing yourself off from the world. Talking to someone close allows us to listen to ourselves, see things from a distance, better understand our feelings and, above all, feel accompanied.

And don’t be shy to cry.

It’s not a sign of weakness, but a sign of emotional intelligence.